Video Review: Silk City & Ellie Goulding “New Love”

A slick-haired bouncer of the New Love club (Ellie Goulding) takes off his glasses at the desk. Staring at the two men, she chews on her gum as she verifies Mark Ronson and Diplo’s ID cards. She tilts her head and they walk inside.

Ellie Goulding, wearing a puffy blonde wig performs on stage. An teal painted twentysomething man with neon green hair listens to her at his table. Goulding, wearing an oversized white robe, dances in the dressing room and flops on the couch. Lit in plum, a twentysomething woman breastfeeds her baby as she sits on a red couch. The twentysomething woman dances on the pole.

A fiftysomething man and woman throw money in the air. Goulding, back in the dressing room, holds a glass of champagne and sorts through the rack of dresses. A twentysomething man leans against the counter and inspects his face in the mirror. He puts on a shirt and dances. Milk splashes on his face as he holds the milk carton over his head. The silk-haired bouncer dances by his desk.

A thirtysomething woman dabs the lipstick on her face in the dressing room. She dances on the steps. The fiftysomething man and woman watch Ronson and Diplo on television. They dance in their family room. Two twentysomething women kiss in the club. Several people dance in the club. Goulding, wearing the oversized white coat, kisses the mirror. The two twentysomething women sit together in the Kissing Corner of the club.

Rating: 2/5

Ellie Goulding sings a song about champagne as a baby cries. She pats his forehead and tells him “mommy will be back soon.” The baby wails. Goulding guzzles the glass of champagne. She had no idea what to do. Kids weren’t her thing. She liked her nieces and nephews, even though she wasn’t allowed to be around them too much. A Cards Against Humanity game had run long at her house and her sister-in-law didn’t appreciate her children’s new vocabulary. It was just words!

Goulding cuddles the baby and it vomits on her. She sighs and explains to the baby it was a vintage coat and can’t be replaced. Putting the baby back in the crib, she grabs a towel and tries to clean it up. The baby falls asleep and she pours herself some champagne. Some of it spills on the baby and she sees it was only a couple of drops. The baby will be fine.

The twentysomething, wearing a robe, walks into the dressing room and asks him how he’s been. She says he’s been really vocal and says they sang. The twentysomething woman picks him up and he holds onto her finger. She says she wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything. Goulding responds she may for a few designer dresses. The twentysomething woman laughs and asks if she works tomorrow night. Goulding says she has the night off and plans to eat macaroons all day. The twentysomething woman says she loves macaroons. Goulding closes her drawer of macaroons and tells her to have a good night.

Director: Ana Sting Year: 2021

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