Video Review: Jamie Foxx & T.I. “Just Like Me”

Wearing a robe, Jamie Foxx walks onto his driveway and picks up the newspaper. He sees his neighbor, a fortysomething woman (Taraji P. Henson) get her mail in the mailbox. She shows her ring and touches her chest.

Foxx sings against a black background. The fortysomething woman sits on the hood of her car as it drives. Foxx tips his sunglasses as she blows a kiss at him. Foxx sits on the front of the car as T.I. looks at the houses in the passenger seat. In a split screen, 3-year-old versions of Foxx and the fortysomething woman sit in high-chairs and have a hot dog eating contest. She finishes the last bites of the hot dog and raises her arms. He smacks the hot dogs off the tray.

Back as adults, they stand on a golf course for a Hole-In-One. They both hit the golf ball. The fortysomething woman jumps up and down after being declared the winner. They stand at a tennis court for a high-five contest. The fortysomething woman smacks Foxx’s face and wins again. During the Stare Down, the fortysomething woman laughs and Foxx wins. They play Guitar Hero in front of a large screen television. She licks the guitar and smashes it on the floor. The game is considered a tie.

In a Dance Off, they perform on a checkered floor by a window. The fortysomething woman wins. They bow to each other at the start of the Karate Chop. Foxx hits head on it and tries to catch invisible birds in his hands. The fortysomething woman slices her hand through the piece of wood. At the comedy club, Foxx walks across the stage for the Stand-Up competition. The fortysomething woman pretends to swim on the stool and rides it like a horse. The crowd bursts out laughing. She wins.

Back on the driveway, he gestures for her to come over. She levitates on the grass. Foxx crosses his arms over his chest and teleports to his car. She stomps her feet on the grass.

Rating: 3/5

The fortysomething woman flies to Jamie Foxx’s driveway. She brushes off her robe and tells him good morning. He fades away and she asks him where he went. He appears at the end of the driveway. She shakes her head and calls him a cheater. Foxx laughs and says he got some extra powers over the weekend.

Foxx puts the newspaper to his forehead and reads it. He tells her it’s a shame about her favorite basketball star. She closes her eyes and says he’ll win the championship. He nods and says they’ll find out. She pats him on the arm and tells him he’s such a good sport.

Foxx stands up as he watches the basketball game on television. The fortysomething woman’s favorite basketball star had led the team to the finals. The basketball star dunks the basket for the winning point. Foxx pulls out his hand and a beer appears in it. The fortysomething woman pinches his cheeks and tells him he’s so cute when he’s frustrated. He hands the beer and he reaches out his hand for another one. She blinks and a glass of vodka appears in his hand. He tips his glass at her. She smiles and raises hers.

Director: Brett Ratner Year: 2008

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