Video Review: Sabrina Carpenter “Skin”

Sabrina Carpenter stands at the window as the rain falls. A twentysomething man (Gavin Leatherwood) kisses her neck and puts his hands on her arms. They stare into one another eye’s at the dinner table. He feeds her some pie.

Wearing an aqua dress, she stands against a black background and looks up. They sit on the bed together and talk. Their heads on the pillows, they gaze at one another while the snow falls inside the bedroom. The table shakes as they continue to eat. She sits on the couch and writes in her notebook as he reads. They slow dance. It rains on them while they cuddle on the couch. Smoke covers them as they dance.

She sits on top of her car as it rains.

Rating: 2.5/5

Sabrina Carpenter turns the key in the ignition. The cars spin in the snow. She gets out of the car and takes a picture of her car and texts her one of her close friends for help. Shivering, she stares at her phone and texts another friend. Her first friend must have called off work. The second friend was usually reliable. But there was no answer from them. She texts the twentysomething man, “HELP!”

She trudges to the parking lot of the store and walks inside. Her first friend texts back, “sorry.” The second friend tells her they are no longer talking and to stop contacting her. She texts her second friend she really loves the twentysomething man and she didn’t mean to hurt anybody. Her second friend texts her the middle finger emoji. A third friend tells her to leave everybody alone.

Her friends should be happy for her. The twentysomething man loved her and they had a solid relationship. However, he had been another mutual friend’s boyfriend when she started seeing him. She didn’t think it was a big deal. It wasn’t like the mutual friend and the twentysomething man were going to get married. She and the twentysomething man had moved in together in several months ago. It was real. He calls her and says he’s shoveling right now. She zips up her jacket and walks outside to help him.

Director: Jason Lester Year: 2021

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