Video Review: Anuel AA & Ozuna “Antes”

A twentysomething woman stands in a murky hallway inside a warehouse and looks around.. Anuel AA and Ozuna stand in another version of the hallway. The twentysomething tilts her head as she dances at a party. Ozuna talks with a group of people in the family room as the twentysomething woman slinks her jacket to her shoulders as she dances by herself.

Some of the people join Anuel AA and Ozuna in one of the hallways. The twentysomething woman closes her eyes as the spotlight shines on the vines growing inside. She continues to dance by herself as people gather by the vines. The twentysomething woman runs down the second hallway. She opens her eyes. The orange-lit door opens.

Rating: 3/5

The twentysomething woman hits the wall in the hallway. An opening had to be somewhere. She calls out for help. Leaning against the wall, she rubs her hand on her forehead and retraces her steps. At one point, she was inside a home. However, she couldn’t hear any music or chatter.

She turns the corner and searches for steps as she walks down the hallway. The hallway, though, continues to extend as she moves forward. A whiff of pine hovers by her. She walks to the opposite side and continues to walk. At the end, she sees a series of vines entwining within the columns Closing her eyes, she thinks of people to find her.

A second twentysomething woman says she may have seen an exit. Ozuna excuses himself as he walks by them. Ozuna locks eyes with her and says he knows he where she needs to go. Ozuna and Anuel AA dismantle part of the wall and find steps. She stares at them and walks up the steps. The orange door lights up as she walks in the hallway. Standing by the exit, her hand goes through the door. Taking a step, she views the orange glow on her shoes and disappears.

Director: Fernando Lugo Year: 2021

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