Video Review: Imanbek & Goodboys “Goodbye”

Lit in sky blue, a twentysomething man pets his horse on the ranch. Several horses run on the grass. He holds onto his horse as it runs around him. At night, he watches a second twentysomething man drop pieces of wood in the bonfire. Two twentysomething woman sit next to talk to each other and look at their phones.

The second twentysomething man approaches him and spits on the ground. As he shoves the twentysomething man, people pull him off. Lit in golden light, the two twentysomething man grab each other’s collars on their coats. The second twentysomething man sits with his friends at his house. The twentysomething man hands him some money.

The twentysomething men stare at each other as they sit in their horse-and-traps. While they compete in the race, their friends follow behind them in the car. The second twentysomething man cuts him off. Back in golden light, the twentysomething man stands with his horse and then by himself.

His friends stand with his horse in the forest. The twentysomething man floats over his horse. Back in the golden light, he races in the horse-and-trap. Back on the street, he glances over his shoulder as he takes the lead from the second twentysomething man. He raises his arm in the air and cheers as he reaches the finish line. His friends pat him on the back as he walks by the car.

Rating: 4/5

The horse limps as it walks on the field. The twentysomething man bends down and takes a look it. The horse winces as he touches it. He rubs his horse’s nose and tells it he’ll get some medicine for it. The horse whimpers as it tries to follow him. The twentysomething man asks him to stay. His horse sometimes had issues with its leg after a race. Usually, the horse needed some rest and a pill for the pain. Within a day, it was as though it never happened.

The twentysomething man shops online. He buys himself some t-shirts and jeans with the money he won. The horse tries to raise its leg and cries. The twentysomething man rushes to the window. There wasn’t any other animals around. The horse stays in place. The twentysomething man runs outside. Petting the horse, he checks out the leg and sees blood on his hand. The twentysomething man calls up the vet.

The vet side-eyes the twentysomething man while she evaluates the horse. She says the horse is going to require surgery. The horse can no longer race. The twentysomething man says he promises he won’t race it anymore and tells his horse goodbye. The twentysomething man talks with customer service as he tries to cancel the order. The surgery was more than he could afford. However, he loved his horse. The customer service representative tells him it’s too late. He closes his eyes as he clicks end call. His phone rings again. The vet tells him to come out as soon as possible. There were complications during the surgery. It may be his last chance. Tears in his eyes, he gets his keys and speeds to the vet.

Director: Charlie Robins Year: 2021

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