Video Review: Nicole Scherzinger “Your Love”

Wearing denim shorts and a black crop top, Nicole Scherzinger walks around the beach in Malibu, California. She spins on the shore. A twentysomething man dances on the sand. A twentysomething woman leaps in the air during her routine on the sand.

Wearing a black one-piece swimsuit with cut-outs, she touches the side of her body. A second twentysomething man does a headstand on the sand. In a white dress, she sits on the rock and bites her fingers. She spreads out the train of her embellished dress as she dances on the sand.

Surrounded by candles on the sand, she forms the heart with her hands as she walks. Wearing a white bikini, she kneels on the sand and arches her back. A third twentysomething man breathes fire. In a white blouse and rainbow hot pants, she continues to dance by aqua lit trees. People dance by her.  Back in the black one-piece bikini, she rolls around on the sand.

Rating: 4/5

Nicole Scherzinger lounges on the chair and sips on her mimosa. She admires her boyfriend’s wet chest as he walks on the sand, holding his surfboard. He towels himself off and asks her if she saw the last wave. She says it was amazing and he should win the competition. He kisses her and drinks some of her mimosa. She grabs it back and tells him to get his own.

Wearing a white lace dress, she sits at the restaurant with her boyfriend’s parents. She orders French toast and a mimosa. Her boyfriend nudges her and says her ex with his new girlfriend. She steals some of his muffin and says it’s his third new girlfriend in the month. His jaw drops as one of ex’s former girlfriend throws some milk on him. She and her boyfriend laugh. Her ex’s parents faces turn red and glance over at her. Scherzinger cringes and says she’s going to have to hide. Her ex parents’ may want her to intervene with him.

She dances on the beach during the party. One of her friends put his hands on her cheek and kisses her. Scherzinger puts her hand over her mouth and says things are stable with her boyfriend. Her friend says he doesn’t take it back. Her teeth clenched, she tells him it’s not going to ever happen. Twenty people had to see the kiss. She searches the crowd for her boyfriend. He had to know it didn’t mean anything.

Director: Dawn Shadforth Year: 2014

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