Video Review: Erica Banks “Buss It”

Erica Banks runs her hand over her 1501 necklace. Lit in teal, a thirtysomething man hits a punching bag in a boxing gym. Back in color, he bumps his Everlast gloves together as he bounces by the ring. Banks flicks the silver fringe on her black top while her friends stand next to her.

Lit in lime green, a twentysomething woman sits on a second thirtysomething’s man pelvic area as he lifts weights. The second twentysomething man does push-ups on the bench. The twentysomething man shakes her butt in his face. Lit in hot pink, Banks raps as her friends dance and touches her breasts.

A second twentysomething woman hangs onto a punching bag. A third twentysomething woman spars with the second thirtysomething man. Lit in sky blue, the third twentysomething woman holds onto the punching bag. The second thirtysomething man hits it.

Banks and her friends stand in the ring. The two thirtysomething walk into the ring. Banks leans against the ropes. The men spar. The second thirtysomething men gets knocked out and the twentysomething woman gasp. Banks continues to stand with her friends.

Rating: 2/5

Erica Banks sits in the office and stares at her computer. She really wanted to give one of her trainers the day off. But another trainer had requested it first. She declines it. Monday was done. The phone rings on her desk. The promoter says he’s returning her call. She says she’s interested in having one of her boxers compete in one of his fights. The promoter asks for statistics. Banks says she can send it all to him and tells him her boxer is qualified.

As she walks into the gym, she watches the second thirtysomething man work out with is trainer. His trainer dabs the sweat on his chest with a towel. Banks tells her she’s doing a good job. She walks over to some of her trainers as they stand by the punching bags. They say hello to her and one of the trainers say they are waiting for their clients. Banks hits a punching bag and rattles off questions. Her trainers answer them. The door opens and several twentysomething men walk inside. She tells them to have a good day.

Banks sits in the arena with her drink. The second thirtysomething man wasn’t favored to win. But she knew he could do it. One of her trainers taps her on the shoulder and says she has to go the locker room. In the locker room, the second thirtysomething man sits on the bench, his head in his hands. She sits next to him and tells him she believes in him. He lifts up his head and tells her he knows it’s make-or-break for her. Banks puts her arm around him and tells him to concentrate on the fight. He can win it. The second thirtysomething man takes a deep breath as his intro music plays through the speakers.

Director: Dang Films Year: 2020

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