Video Review: Steve Winwood “Roll With It”

In sepia, the bell rings on top of the door of the bar as a fortysomething man opens it. Steve Winwood sings into the microphone as his band plays in the corner. People tap their feet as the fortysomething man walks to a stool. He finds a seat and watches Winwood.

A thirtysomething woman rubs her neck as she sits at the counter. People gather in a line and dance side by side. Some of them pair off and dance as the people continue the routine. A twentysomething woman stares at the sugar container and perks up as she listens to Winwood. A thirtysomething man reaches into his pocket and gets out his wallet. He places some money on the counter. The fortysomething woman, behind the counter, takes the money.

The thirtysomething woman fans herself. A twentysomething woman puts her hands on a twentysomething man’s shoulders as he sits on the stool. He dances with her. A woman blots her lips on a napkin. It falls on the floor and attaches to a man’s shoe as he walks. A man breaks a button on his shirt. A second man picks up a half-eaten meal from a table and walks to the kitchen. A third man taps his hand on the counter and claps.

Rating: 5/5

The thirtysomething woman sits on the stool and throws her head back. She says it’s good to sit down for a couple of minutes. Steve Winwood pours himself a beer behind the counter and sits next to her. He asks her if she wants one. She shakes her head and bites into some toast. He steals a piece of her toast and says he saw her talk to the thirtysomething man.

The thirtysomething woman raises her eyebrows and says there is nothing going on. Winwood moves over as a member of his band sits next to him. The member of his band tells woman she’s letting a good thing go. The thirtysomething woman says she’s okay being single.

One of the cooks waves to everyone and tells them good night. Another member of his band tells him to wait up and walks to the back room. The owner taps his hand on the counter and says he’s going to unlock the door. The thirtysomething woman races to the kitchen and shouts to “give me a minute.” Winwood hands her purse to her as she walks back to the counter. The owner opens the door. Winwood tells him he’ll see him next weekend and walks the thirtysomething woman to her car.

Director: David Fincher Year: 1988

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