Video Review: Megan Thee Stallion & DaBaby “Crybaby”

A twentysomething woman (BlameItOnKway) plays with two dolls on the counter. She has the red-haired Barbie doll say to the black-haired one,, “I look better than you.” The black-haired one gets in the red-haired’s face, saying “no bitch, I look better than you.” The red-haired one retorts: “At least my breath don’t smell like a can of bouncin’ ass.” The black-haired one responds: “The hair on your armpits smell like a pork chop sandwich, bitch.” The red-haired doll exclaims, “Pork chop sandwich!” She hits the doll’s heads against one another. Grabbing her keys, she takes the dolls and walks out the store.

Wearing a floral bra top and bottom, Megan Thee Stallion sits on the display. Several versions of DaBaby dance on gold stands. Cars race around the Cry Baby line of dolls. A robot wobbles and a giant teddy bear walks by. The main DaBaby jumps off the gold stand and walks past several dolls on the shelf.

Wearing a yellow and black striped bodysuit, she leans over as a toy car leaps over her body. DaBaby raps by her on the table. Wearing a pink bikini, she slaps her butt as she sits on top of a dollhouse.  Several versions of herself pose and dance on the the floors of the house. She sits next to DaBaby as he speeds down the aisle of the store.

In a baby blue crop top, she gestures sobbing as she stands on another display. Several young women dance by hanging New Orleans, Louisiana signs. The twentysomething woman turns on the light in the store and screams at the mess.

Rating: 3.5/5

The twentysomething woman gathers up the toys on the floor, muttering, “I’m going to get fired. No one’s going to hire me every again.” Sitting up, she says she know she locked the door. She walks up to the door and checks the window. There weren’t any marks. It was fine. She side-eyes the toys and shakes her head. It was even too crazy for her.

She holds one of the teddy bears during her break. Her shift ended two hours ago. However, she had to clean up before she could go home. As she walks down the aisles, she sees the dolls back on the shelf. She got done faster than she thought. Clocking out, she grabs her purse and goes home.

Megan Thee Stallion runs up to the window. She watches the twentysomething woman turn onto the street. Megan Thee Stallion tells everyone they did a good job. DaBaby comments it was close. Megan Thee Stallion says she usually doesn’t come back. DaBaby asks everyone to take turns and says the doll aisle can go first. Megan Thee Stallion dangles her feet as she sits on the display and waves to Lisa. Lisa gestures for her to walk with her. Megan Thee Stallion says she’ll join her in a half hour by her shelf.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2021

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