Video Review: Maroon 5 “She Will Be Loved”

Adam glances over his shoulder and jumps into the pool. He and a twentysomething woman (Corrine Carrey) hold onto to each other and jump into the pool. She kisses him. They cuddle on the lounge chair on the patio. Adam surfaces from the pool. The twentysomething woman’s mom (Kelly Preston) stares at him

The twentysomething woman’s mom talks with one of the servers and puts her arm around her husband (John Colton) as he sits on a chair. Levine stares at the twentysomething woman’s mom as she dances. Several twentysomething man grin. Her husband grabs her and smudges her lipstick.

Adam walks down the stairs and sees the twentysomething woman’s mom lying on the floor. He picks her up and touches her face. The twentysomething woman’s mom kisses him. Back on the patio, her husband smacks her and she walks away. The twentysomething woman’s mom sits in her car and watches Adam by her daughter’s window. Adam stares at her.

Adam performs with his band at the bar. The twentysomething woman sits at the counter and smiles. He imagines it’s the twentysomething woman’s mom. While dancing with the twentysomething woman, he touches her body. It rotates to her mom. The twentysomething woman and Adam read a book on the couch. Her mom stares at Adam and touches her husband’s thigh. She smacks his newspaper and walks to the fountain in tears. Adam runs towards  to her. They hug one another. The twentysomething woman glares at them.

Rating: 4/5

The twentysomething woman reads a book as she sits on a train. Her family insisted she take their private plane or cut off her trust fund. The twentysomething woman consulted with a lawyer and took out as much as she could. Her parents had told her she owed them money. She says her mom should’ve thought it before she got pregnant by her own daughter’s ex-boyfriend.

Adam had been after her parents’ money. He wasn’t the first boyfriend to pretend to like her. However, they usually used her and tried to get a recommendation with her father. Adam, however, slept with her mother and acted as though it wasn’t a big deal. Her mom had burst into tears and said she couldn’t be a mother again and asked her to go along with their lie and marry him. No one would know. However, her father’s drinking wasn’t a secret. Her father often said he was sick and had the flu. But his boss had called her to pick up her father, who passed out on his desk, to take him back to recover.

The story they were circulating was that she and Adam had fallen deeply in love. Her parents couldn’t stop them from being together and permitted Adam to move in with them. Her dad had considered him to be his son. Her mom had called her, urging her to come back from Europe. She said people were talking and she didn’t know how to explain away the baby. Her friends were questioning why she wasn’t drinking. She told her it wasn’t her problem and hung up the phone. The train comes to a stop. She closes her book and grabs her bag. In her purse, she takes out an address. Her friend calls out to her at the train station. She hugs her and says it’s good to see a friendly face.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 2004

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