Video Review: Selena Gomez & Rauw Alejandro “Baila Conmigo”

A twentysomething man (Kibba) rides his motorcycle with his friends on the street in Brazil. A sixtysomething woman peels off a lion sheet off the clothesline as they pass by. A twentysomething woman (Ariane Aparecida) twirls her hair as she sits on the couch. Smiling, she watches Selena Gomez sing against a sun backgroud on television.

The twentysomething practices Gomez’s dance moves on the beach. A second twentysomething woman looks at her phone. The twentysomething man, sitting on a boat on the shore, stares at her. A third twentysomething woman munches on chips in the stockroom while the twentysomething woman continues to dance. Sitting on the end of the boat, he listens to radio as he sails on the ocean.

The twentysomething man spots her dancing in the club. She turns, staring at him as he sits on his motorcycle. While his friends circle around them with their motorcycles on the road, the twentysomething woman and man gaze at one another. They both turn and see Selena Gomez. Dolphins swim by the twentysomething man as he falls into the ocean. In silhouette, he sits on the shore.

The twentysomething man rides his motorcycle on the sand and stops at his boat. The twentysomething woman leans against it and stares at him. The twentysomething man dances. She joins him as he dances. They continue to dance at the club and on the street. She rests her head on his back as he rides the motorcycle.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething woman pumps her arm and points her foot as she takes a shirt off the clothesline. She spins and trips on a rock. As she gets up, she limps and carries her t-shirt back to the washing machine. She almost had the dance down from the Selena Gomez video.

Closing her eyes, she imagines herself dancing a solo for the Esther Weitzman Cia Danca. She had let go of the dream of performing for them. However, she taught herself every moment she could. The club was her stage. Every weekend, she performed by herself. She was okay with it. It made her whole. One evening, though, a twentysomething man gazed at her while she danced. She didn’t perform for anyone. But that night, she made the exception and kept her eyes on him.

She had no idea who he was. Some people had seen him before. They had mentioned his friend’s names but didn’t know who he was. Through the gossip, she had learned he like to sail on his boat. Every day, she waited for him at the beach. She was about to give up. It had been almost a month since he was on the beach. She raises her foot and spins. It had was her first complete turn. He rides up to her and completes the next part of the routine.  As he gestures to his motorcycle, she gets on without question. Movement had consumed her life and informed every decision. The dance was changing and she wanted to learn each step.

Director: Nogari Year: 2021

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