Video Review: Blackbear “Queen of Broken Hearts”

The 14-year-old girl (McKenna Grace) stretches in her bed as she sleeps. She takes off her eye mask and sits at her desk. Pressing the home button on her oversized phone, she looks at her Instagram page.

Multiple trophies stand on her dresser. A poster of Blackbear hangs on the wall by her hairbrush and jewelry on a second dresser. She stands by her bed as a person hands her a large cell phone and passes it off. Sighing, she slumps on a chair.  She tears up a heart in half. As she sits on her bed, she hits her knees with her hands. She puts on a tiara. Smiling, she scrolls through the comments

Her face falls as she reads Doomchic’s comments “she’s trying too hard” and Funkiana50 “she’s over rated asf.” She flings her hair curler at the window and it breaks it and shoves her books off the shelf. Sitting by the end of the bed in the dark, she cries as mascara runs down her cheeks. She rips apart her giant teddy bear and a poster on the wall. Reaching behind her back, she pulls out a knife. Balloons fall from the ceiling and she pops them with the knife.

The lamp flickers as she continues by her bed.

Rating: 4/5

The 14-year-old girl writes her revenge plans on her laptop. Doomchic had been her someone she thought of as her friend. She didn’t know what Doomchic suddenly hated her. They talked in class all the time. Doomchic was probably jealous and was trying to be popular. But Fukiana50’s comment rattled her. Fukiana50 had posted a photo similar on her timeline. Everybody loved it. Both of them were going to learn a lesson.

The 16-year-old girl a.k.a Doomchic waves to her in the hello. The 14-year-old girl seethes inside and forces a smile as she waves back. Fukiana50, a 15-year-old girl, sits next to her in class and comments she made out with one of the basketball players. She calls out “present” and rolls her eyes. Like it was actually tree.

Fukiana50 screams as a rat jumps out of her locker. She rubs her arms, exclaiming, “get it away!” The 14-year-old girl leans against the locker, smirking. Other classmates jump and scurry out of the way. Doomchic asks her for the notes for the test. The 14-year-old girl rips the notes out of her notebook and tells her “good luck.” Doomchic tells her she’s best and says her parents are going to be so proud.that she’ll get an A in history. The 14-year-old girl laughs to herself. The answers were completely made up. She had found them on a fake news site and punched them up to sound credible. Her phone over her textbook, she deletes her social media, and searches for new podcasts.

Director: Blackbear Year: 2020

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