Video Review: The Pointer Sisters “Twist My Arm”

An animated man dances as his body forms into squares and expands. Several arms shoot up in the air as Ruth, Bonnie and June dance by the jagged fence. An animated aqua woman walks into the arms of a matching man. Ruth sits up in bed. She pretends to surf by the painted ocean wave on the wall in the family room.

They dance against a two-toned orange striped wall. A door opens at the end and the animated aqua people dance. They watch a line of animated people dance, their bodies changing color was they pass by. A thirtysomething man walks through the door, carrying a present.

A thirtysomething man kisses Bonnie’s arm as he dances with her. The thirtysomething man sits down on the couch. June smiles as she dances with a second thirtysomething man. The thirtysomething man turns his head sideways and watches Ruth dance on the ceiling. She helps a third twentysomething man climb the wall. The thirtysomething man puts his head on the cushion as Ruth sits on top of  him. The third twentysomething man hits his drumsticks on the chair.

The thirtysomething man dances on the wall. Several arms move within the floor as Ruth, Bonnie and June dance. People, in various colors, dance in silhouette within the wall.

Rating: 2/5

Ruth Pointer blows kisses to some of her friends. Bonnie says they’ll talk later. June clarifies some information with one of their friends. Ruth races to the bathroom and says she has a date tonight. As she changes in the bathroom, one of their friends drops off their child. Bonnie asks the child if he wants to play a game. The child shouts “yes!” Her friend smiles and leaves instructions for her. Bonnie covers her eyes and tells the child to hide.

The child runs into the bathroom and Ruth screams. June walks over and tells him she knows of a place she can hide. Bonnie calls out the final number and the doorbell rings. June walks into the family room and opens the door. A thirtysomething man mumbles he’s there to see Ruth. June shakes his hand and calls out for Ruth. Bonnie says it’s nice to meet him and looks for the child.

Ruth pinches her date’s cheeks and tells him he’s just so cute. The thirtysomething man blushes and says he doesn’t hear it much. Ruth says he’s just being modest. He says he’d like to invite her to her place. Ruth says she and her sisters would love to play a game with him. Bonnie asks them how it went. Ruth says she couldn’t just end it for the night. The thirtysomething man stammers as Bonnie introduces them to her friends. The child says “hello!” and asks him who he is. He responds he’s a friend of Ruth’s. The child cries. Bonnie picks him up and asks him to dance.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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