Video Review: Rag’n’Bone Man “All You Ever Wanted”

Against a black background, Rag’n’Bone reads the newspaper as people bump into the train station. The model train rolls on the track in the village. He stares at the window at the park and homes. Toy teenagers play a game of baseball. A senior couple sits on a bench.

A twentysomething man and woman sit in the park and have a picnic. Against the black background, she drinks from the liquor bottle. His hand shakes as he watches the ants crawl on his sandwich. She backs away from him. A fortysomething man sits at a table outside Roueben’s Cafe. A twentysomething man walks up to him. Against a black background, the fortysomething man flips through the pages of an oversized menu while the twentysomething man holds up his notepad.

The train speeds by the church. A thirtysomething man waters his flowers. Against a black background, he urinates on the mud and drinks. A second fortysomething stands at his food stand. Against a black background, he picks up trash and puts in bucket. A second thirtysomething man’s eyes widen in the coal mine as he spots gold.

A thirtysomething woman walks across the street. Against the black background. Against the black background, a seventysomething woman yells as at the third thirtysomething man in his car. An 8-year-old girl plays in the park. Against the black background, she jumps on an white outline of a body.  A fiftysomething man stands by some ducks as they walk on the ground. Against the black background, a fourth thirtysomething flies his drones over the city.

Over the years, Roueben’s Cafe becomes a bar. The public library changes into a funeral home. The mayor’s home remains in the same place. Against the black background, the mayor sits in his underwear and t-shirt, and dumps a box toy people into a cereal bowl. He picks up a spoonful of them. Lit in sea green, thousands of people fall onto the street in the village. A toy Rag’n’Bone Man stands on top of building and stares at the people.

Rating: 2/5

Rag’n’Bone gets off the train and walks to the edge. It was still a table. Looking down, he sees the floor and walks back to the train depot. The paper had mentioned an addition being added. It was going to bring a lot of jobs and some big names were attached to building. It was going to revitalize the city. But that was months ago. It was likely another grift from the longtime mayor.

His parents often talked how the village had been an ideal place to live, at one point. Children could go out and play without being bothered. Everyone knew one another. They could leave the doors unlocked. They believed it would return to its former glory. However, the buildings were white with dust and cracked. A few buildings were crumbling. Some of the newer buildings were made with cheap materials.

He hands his ticket to the conductor and takes his seat. All he had to do was go round and round. The factory had disappeared overnight. It was an empty field. He had walked into the municipal building to get some help. While filling out paperwork, he muttered the city refused to keep up with the times. However, the mayor was embezzling the money from their taxes. The conductor announces they reached the end of the line. He gets off the train and jumps off the table.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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