Video Review: SWV “Anything”

Lit in royal blue, a 17-year-old young man dunks the basketball into the net. In a clip from the 1994 film, Above The Rim, Birdie (Tupac Shakur) stands up in the school gym and looks at someone. Kyle (Duane Martin) slams his hand in the basketball as he plays a game. Back in royal blue, Coko, Taj and Lelee sit on the bleachers.

They sit in the boys’ locker room. A shirtless 18-year-old young man touches Taj’s arm as they stand in the corner. He rubs her stomach. In a clip, people cheer in the bleachers as Kyle dribbles the ball and dunks the ball. In black-and-white, they stand in the park. Coko holds a basketball.

In a clip, Mike Rollins (David Bailey) talks with Kyle and the other plays during a timeout. Birdie bites on his cigar. Back in the locker room, Lelee tries to take off the towel around a second 17-year-old young man’s waist. Lit in royal blue, two young women dance by the basketball net. In a clip, Birdie talks with a fortysomething man on a couch. Back in the gym, Lelee, Coko, and Taj dance on the basketball court. The seconds tick by on the scoreboard. Back in the locker room, Lelee, Coko and Taj dance in place as they sit on the bench.

Rating: 4/5

Coko cheers on the 17-year-old young man as he dribbles the ball on the court. Taj glares at a 16-year-old young woman, a cheerleader, staring at the second 17-year-old young man. She calls out to the young woman to keep her mind on the routine. Lelee laughs and says she hasn’t decided which boy to go out with all the time. She says she likes Kyle but he won’t look at her in the hall. Coko turns to her and says Kyle is focused on school. He’s not looking for a girlfriend.

Coko bumps into Kyle in the hallway. He fumbles for his books and says he thinks he’s missing some notes. Coko helps him pick up his things and says she can help him after school, if he wants. Kyle grins and says he may take her up on it. He’s been swamped with writing essays and work.

Kyle stands by his bedroom door and asks her not to be freaked out. She says he knows he likes basketball. He’s the star. As he opens it, Coko exclaims “Oh my god!” at the posters and trophies. She walks over to his trophy shelf and says some of them are from Pee-Wee. Kyle puts his arm around her and says he’s been playing a long time. He just wants to get out. She tells him he will. Kyle sits on his bed and opens his textbook. She pushes a strand of hair back and sits by the bed. Kyle asks the first question and she looks for her notes. She swore she stuck some of them in the pages. Unzipping her backpack, she finds them crumbled at the bottom. Her face burning, she says she found them and opens her textbook.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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