Video Review: Jessica Simpson “Take My Breath Away”

Jessica Simpson drives in the middle of the road passing by The Joshua Tree National Park in Twentynine Palms, California.. She turns her head and sees the Joshua Tree. Wearing a sheer blouse and olive green jeans, she puts her hand on her stomach as she stands in the park.

While driving, she passes by a 24 hour truck stop and stops at the gas station. As she pumps gas, she runs her hand over forehead and drinks from the bottle of water. She walks into a restaurant and sits at the counter. A fortysomething man tips his hat at her. In an olive green blouse and white jeans, she stands in the doorway, a wall of license plates behind her. The fortysomething woman pours a glass of water.

She gives a twentysomething man a quarter. He and a twentysomething woman flip through the songs on the jukebox. She smiles as she watches them kiss. A sixtysomething man and woman dance. The twentysomething man sits at a table with a twentysomething woman. He reaches over and puts his hand on her growing belly. Simpson smiles as she continues to watch them. She walks out of the restaurant and drives off.

Rating: 3/5

Jessica Simpson puts her hands in her pockets as she hikes on the Bajada trail. A thirtysomething man and woman hold hands as they walk. Their 7-year-old child says she wants to play. They call out for her not to go far. She thinks of her future children. Maybe it might be a girl or a boy. Although she really wanted children, she and her husband had decided to wait for the time being.

She calls up her husband and lets her know where she was. He tells her to be careful and they’ll talk once she gets home. She tells him “ok.” However, she couldn’t remember why they fought. They both had been stressed out lately and work was non-stop. She sits on a bench and thinks they could camp out at the park. It’d be peaceful and they could just be together.

At the restaurant, she orders lunch and talks with the sixtysomething couple. They had met at a school dance when they were teens. He had asked her to marry him right out of school. The sixtysomething woman admires her ring and tells her she’ll love being married. Simpson grins and says they are an inspiration. The hostess calls her and says her carry-out order is ready. She says it was nice to meet them and pays for her carry-out. Waving at the couple, she leaves with her quart of cabbage soup (her husband’s favorite).

Director: N/A Year: 2004

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