Video Review: Lil Durk “Kanye Krazy”

Taken from the 2010 Kanye West video, “Runaway,” Lil Durk walks up to a piano and starts to play it. A group of ballerinas begin to perform by him. Wearing a Roblox suit, Lil Durk recreates a scene from 2018 Lil Pump video, “I Love It.”

Wearing a Make America OTF Again hat, he addresses reporters during a press conference circa 2016-2020. In silhouette, he sits on a motorcycle, recreating the 2013 “Bound 2” video. Against a teal background, he wears sunglasses, which is taken from the 2007 video, “Stronger.” Durk, as West, talks with a radio DJ Sway during a 2013 interview. In a reenactment of the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards, he takes the mic away from Taylor Swift.

An animated Durk raps by a building as the bear version of himself walks back and forth, which is taken from the 2008 video “Good Morning.” Durk sleeps in bed with a group of women (in bras and panties), which recreates the 2016 video, “Famous.”

Rating: 5/5

Lil Durk excuses himself as he bumps into Taylor Swift as he walks down the aisle of an auditorium during an awards show. He really wanted to tell her he sympathized with her and supported her. However, he didn’t want to bring up Kanye West to her and stir up resentful feelings for her. She had every right to be ticked off at West. In her star making moment, West diminished her and told her she didn’t deserve it. Then, he recreated her in the nude for a video and took credit for her success in the song “Famous.” Durk had zero respect for him.

Growing up, he had idolized West and wanted to be him. However, 2007 was the last time he really liked West. But West was no longer the person he had seen in the video. Durk believed it was the death of West’s mother in 2007 which caused the change in him. West hadn’t been had the same since.

Something was off about West. Durk had no expectations for West to go into his health issues. It wasn’t anyone else’s business. However, a simple question from radio DJ Sway set him off. His treatment of women disturbed him, particularly his need for them to nude. West’s unequivocal support of Donald Trump had both puzzled and angered at him. He could no longer reconcile the 2004 West with the 2020 version. It may as well as be a different person.

Director: Cole Bennett Year: 2021

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