Video Review: Clean Bandit & Iann Dior “Higher”

Iann Dior stands on the island at night. As a 12-year-old boy, he steers the boat as his father rubs his head. His father waves smoke away as he sits inside the boat. The 12-year-old boy starts to walk down and his father  tells him to go up. The 12-year-old boy leans on the steering wheel as the boat burns.

The 12-year-old screams for help on the island. He looks through his father’s wallet and tosses the phone back in the ocean. Dior sticks a crab in the ocean and carries it. He dives into the emerald green water and sits on a limb of a tree. The 12-year-old sits in the tree.

Dior swims in the water. He sits on a tree limb and looks at the photo of his father. Dior jumps off a cliff and rows on his raft. He lies on the raft, thinking of his father rubbing his head as a child. His father hugs the 12-year-old boy. Dior leans against the overturned boat lying near the shore.

Dior falls off the raft. A fortysomething man waves his hand in front of Dior’s face as he lies on the floor of the boat. Dior wanders the boat as Luke, Grace and Jack dance. Grace flips her hair as several young women shake their butts. Dior dives back into the water as the people continue to dance on the boat.

As a 12-year-old boy, he writes in the sand. Dior writes “Higher.”

Rating: 5/5

Grace points Dior to the bar and tells him to have whatever he likes. Dior reaches over the counter at the bar. The bartender tells him he can’t do that and pours him a glass. Dior spits it out. A twentysomething woman runs her hand along his arms and says he can save her tonight. He shakes his arm away even though he feels an unexplained excitement within him.

Jack tells him he looks familiar. Dior comments he hasn’t been anywhere. He’s been living on the island since he was a kid. Grace exclaims, “it’s you!” and says she remembers his mom crying on television. She’d been following the story since she was a kid. She puts on a hand on her heart and says, “your poor family.” Dior says his family is gone. Grace turns to her friends and says she’s going to put his picture online. She squeals, saying she has the story of the year.

Dior watches the Grace dance with her friends and covers his ears. The music and conversation was too much. He jumps off the stairs and swims back to shore. As he sits by the overturned boat, he talks to his father. He tells him he can’t leave him. Dior looks up and sees a helicopter flying above. As the lights flash on the sand, he crawls inside the boat.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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