Video Review: Heart “What About Love”

In black-and-white, Howard raises his guitar and points to the audience. Nancy holds her guitar over her head. Ann smiles as she raises her arms. Ann, Nancy, Howard, Mark and Denny leave the venue and walk onto their tour bus. Denny, Howard and Mark talk. Ann sits up on the couch. Nancy sleeps with her guitar.

While Ann sings on stage, it changes to color. A large door opens on stage. Ann walks through the smoke and carries a hammer. People raise their hands as they listen in the audience. Two twentysomething men, wearing black vests, pour gold liquid into a imprint of a woman’s body within a block. Nancy sits up, holding her guitar. Ann uses a blow torch on a metal column.

Lit in gold, several people pull at chains hanging from the wall as Ann plays the guitar. A thirtysomething man carries several bricks in the warehouse. Ann watches him as she stands in the corner. Mark and Nancy play their guitars on winding stairs. Several men carry Nancy over their heads. Back on the bus, Ann reads Gone With The Wind.

Rating: 2.5/5

Ann nods as she surveys peoples’ work as she walks around the warehouse. Nancy observes a statue of herself being made. She poses for them and says she can only choose one to accompany her for the night. The men scramble for a cloth. She tells them she’s fine.

Howard’s voice booms through the speakers, telling the workers it’s time for their break. Nancy blows the men kisses and jogs over to Ann. Ann say she suspects some people are stealing gold. She says some people are missing. Ann reminds her they’ve sent people out for food and sometimes it’s expected they won’t be back. Nancy says she make a show of stepping down. It may make people side with them again. Ann says they will be run out and she doesn’t want to go back out in the city.

Ann cowers in the corner of a building. She covers herselfA  with a blanket as a vehicle drives by. One of the guards shouts, “she’s not here!” Ann closes her eyes for a split second. She was safe for now. Checking her pocket, she feels her gold and waits. Howard accused her of trying to sabotage their community. Ann had told him corruption still existed within their group. Howard says she was the corruption and ordered her to leave. She was an example to the others that they could lose their security at any time. Some of the men in the vehicle used to live in the warehouse. She crawls into another warehouse. A twentysomething man startles her and asks, “Ann?” She nods. He tells her she can’t be there. Ann begs for one night. He agrees and says it’ll make the warehouse a target.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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