Video Review: Ariana Grande, Doja Cat & Megan Thee Stallion “34+35 (Remix)

Swans swim in the hotel room pool as Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, and Megan Thee Stallion sit on chairs, reading magazines. Grande hands a glass of champagne to Megan. They dance within the luggage cart and lie on the staircase.

Grande leans against the wall of the hotel room. Megan applies eyeshadow and nods her head as Cat raps in the bathroom. Cat stretches out on a couch while a Dalmatian sits next to her on the carpet. Grande presses the intercom button. The clerk says, “In-room dining. How can I help you?” Grande says, “we were wondering if we could order a couple of things, if that’s okay.” The clerk tells her, “absolutely.” Grande thanks him. She orders champagne, French fries and asks, “do you have, like, desserts?” The clerk answers, “yes.” She asks him, “do you have the flaming ones? Those ones that go on fire. What are they called?” She snaps her fingers as she tries to think of the name.

They sit on the bed, wearing lingerie, and drink champagne. They bit on some licorice and dance. Grande sits on a top of a televison and plays with her ponytail. On television, Grande continues to sing in a homemade video. Bubbles fly by Megan as she dances in the bathtub. Back on the bed, she talks on the phone. Grande films Cat and Megan as they dance. They sit on the floor and watch the Grande’s homemade video. Cat, Stallion and Grande sleep in bed.

Back at the intercom, Grande says, “Baked Alaska. Do you guys have Baked Alaska?” The clerk apologizes and says, “we actually just ran out.” She giggles, saying, “Fuck. Okay.”

Rating: 5/5

Ariana Grande laughs and says she has a buzz. Megan The Stallion sips her champagne and hands her another drink. Grande jumps off the bed and says she has a video to show them. Doja Cat tells Megan to stay still as she applies some lipstick on her.

Grande turns on the video and tells them to watch her friend’s expression as he leaps in the air. Cat and Megan laugh. Cat says she’s glad her friend is okay. Grande explains it’s just him and he does crazy shit all the time. Megan struts around the room in her bustier. Grande poses in a pink camisole. Cat flips her hair as she dances in the chemise. Grande asks her where she got it. Cat takes out her phone and says she’ll order one for her. Grande hugs her and thanks her.

The clerk knocks on the door. Grande opens the door and sees the Baked Alaska. The clerk says they made it especially for her. Grande says they are so sweet. She presses the intercom and calls out “thank you so much!” The second clerk tells her she’s welcome and let them know if she needs anything else. She says they are fine for right now. Cat cuts into it and hands Grande a slice. Megan tells Cat to add more ice cream to her plate. Cat takes a bite and leans back as a swan strolls into the room. A third clerk runs into the room, telling them not to pet it and subdues it. Grande puts her hand on her heart. Megan says, “huh?” and continues to eat her ice cream. Cat bursts out laughing.

Director: Stefan Kohli Year: 2021

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