Video Review: Bryan Adams “Do I Have To Say The Words?”

Filmed in sepia, Bryan Adams gets into a tax in Istanbul, Turkey. The taxi moves its way through the crowd of people on the street. Adams takes off his sunglasses and stares a twentysomething woman as she pushes past two thirtysomething men. He puts on his sunglasses and sits in the center of the backseat. A fortysomething man looks inside as he walks on the sidewalk.

Adams, wearing a helmet with glasses and a window attached to his waist, views the twentysomething woman dancing by a mountain in Iceland. She writes on the window with her finger and looks into it. He watches leap on the sand. She walks down the side of a mountain.

He stands by the ocean and turns the window. Birds fly away from Adams as he stands by a building as he continues to watch her. She puts her hands on the window. He walks in the ocean as she spreads her arms. Water rises out of the sand. She spins around by the waterfall. He places his hand on the window.

Rating: 3/5

Bryan Adams recognizes the bridge. The twentysomething woman was somewhere Los Angeles. in California. As he sits on the bus, he watches as she drives across it. The wind blows in her hair and she smiles at him. A buzzing rings in his ear. The twentysomething woman swerves in the road. He drops the window attached to his waist.

He asks the clerk at the airport for the next flight to Los Angeles. The clerk responds the next flight isn’t until 4 a.m. Adams hands her his credit card and carries his duffel bag as he walks to a seat. She usually stayed in the same spot for awhile. He had some time. Unzipping his duffel bag, he searches for a book.

While in the hotel, he sets up the headset. A part of the window cracks. He tries to repair it. However, it continues to break. She cuts her hand on a sliver of glass. The blood gushes on the floor and he calls out for help. She scrambles in her purse for a bandage. He hits the window and the glass falls around her. She covers her head and hides. He takes off the helmet and places it on the table. He runs down the stairs and down the streets. She was so close. It was a few miles away. He could save her.

Director: Anton Corbijn Year: 1992

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