Video Review: Dua Lipa “We’re Good”

Wearing a Prada silver beaded gown, Dua Lipa sings in a restaurant. A lobster, with red bows, watches her as it sits in the tank. The chef picks out a lobster with the yellow bows. She sits on the piano bench and winks.

Wearing an olive green Prada gown, she dances as she continues to sing on the Titanic. A fortysomething man picks a second lobster. The lobster, with the red bows, watches as the second lobster gets tossed into the boiling pot. It sees the second lobster, cooked on a plate, being carried to the table by a server. Its eyes widen as it watches people eat their lobsters. Wearing a Miu Miu gown, Lipa continues to sing.

The chef reaches in for the lobster with the red bow and takes it out of the tank. As the chef holds the lobster over the pot, he checks the stove. He asks the second chef, “why did you turn off the fire?” The second chef answers, “it was a pipe malfunction.” The chef says “kitchen’s closed” and puts the lobster back in the tank. The chef turns off the light.

Water fills up within the restaurant. The lobster floats out of the tank and swims into a wave of water, thrusting the door into the hallway open. It lands by a small window and swims into the ocean. Lipa, wearing a life vest, sits in a lifeboat. Fireworks go off as the boat tilts in the water.

Rating: 5/5

Dua Lipa wrings out her high heels and puts them by the heater to dry. She rubs her shoulders and wraps herself in a blanket. It was so cold on the boat. She clears her throat and walks to the bathroom. An officer instructions her to come with him. She says she’s just going to get some water. He grabs her hand and says they have to leave. She tells him to let go as he takes her up to the front deck. Her jaw agape, she watches as water fills her cabin.

The officer pushes through the crowd of screaming men and women. A woman pulls at her and shoves her. The officer covers his head and leads her to the other side. A father cries and kisses his baby. A gunshot startles her, The officer tells the other people to move in the lifeboat. One of the women says they don’t have any more room. He tells her to squeeze. The woman glares at her as she slides an inch.

The lights flicker on the boat. As the boat cracks, one of the women gasps. A second woman tells her to hush. Lipa chokes back her tears and stares at her gloves. The screams echo in her ears and she closes her eyes. She hums until silence falls upon the ocean.

Directors: Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia Year: 2021

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