Video Review: John Legend “You & I (Nobody In The World)”

Chrissy Teigen stares at the floor as she walks into the bathroom. She clasps the earring in her ear. A twentysomething woman stretches her lip. Luna, Teigen and John Legend’s daughter, smiles into the mirror. A second twentysomething woman stands between two punching bags in the gym. A thirtysomething woman pulls down her shirt and turns sideways.

Tatyana Ali puts on a necklace. A fiftysomething woman pushes her hair out of her eyes. A fortysomething woman adjusts her glasses as she sits on the couch. Her 3-year-old son runs towards her. A third twentysomething woman, wearing a wedding gown, wrings her hands. A 7-year-old girl closes her eyes as she gets her ear pierced. The members of the Derby Dolls smile in bathroom. A seventysomething woman touches the wrinkles on her face. Tig Notaro walks past a store window as she walks on the sidewalk.

A fourth twentysomething woman, her makeup smudged, walks into the bathroom and stares at herself in the mirror. A 13-year-old girl cries as she opens her locker at school. A fifth twentysomething woman puts a towel around her body as she gets out of the shower. She looks at her naked body in the mirror. A second thirtysomething woman stares out the window as her husband drives the car. He parks and leans into her.

A second fiftysomething woman lifts weights. A third twentysomething woman, wearing an unbuttoned blouse with black bra, drinks coffee and goes through her notecards. Wearing her business suit, she smiles. Laverne Cox sits on a chair and takes off her makeup with a tissue. A sixth twentysomething woman paints a self-portrait. A third fiftysomething woman sits on a bed and takes off her wig. A fourth fiftysomething takes off her shirt and bra, revealing her mastectomy. Luna brushes her teeth.

The thirtysomething woman grins as she stands in bra and underwear. A second twentysomething woman presses her broken nose. Teigen laughs, her hand on Legend’s chest. The 13-year-old girl closes her locker. Teigen and Legend walk out together.

Rating: 4/5

The third twentysomething woman stirs her soup in the pot. Her dog barks as the mail person puts the letters in the mailbox. She puts the soup in the bowl and moves her spoon in the bowl. The results from her mammogram were likely in the mailbox. It could wait. She preferred not to know right now. Today was her anniversary of being 10 years cancer-free. There were only a couple hours left to the day. She’ll open it tomorrow.

The 13-year-old girl stares at the floor as she walks to her locker. She wasn’t ever going to fit in at school. A 12-year-old boy called her ugly. She wanted to go home and never come back. As she reaches her book on the top shelf, it falls over her head. Her face turns red as some of her classmates snicker. A second 13-year-old girl hands her book and smiles. The 13-year-old girl smiles at her and thanks her.

The third twentysomething woman excuses herself and tells her colleagues she lost her train of her thought. She knew every statistic. She could rattle it off without hesitation. Flipping through her notecards, she finds her place and finishes. Her colleagues clap for her and tell her “good job.” She sits in her seat and takes a deep breath. It was over.

Director: N/A Year: 2014

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