Video Review: The Wanted “Glad You Came”

Nathan, Siva, Jay, Max and Tom sit on a mountain in Ibiza, Spain. They stand by a wall inside a club. Back on the mountain, they sit a tree limb. They ride in a boat. A twentysomething woman throws her head back as she laughs in Jay’s arms. The sun shines on them while they sit on the sand. Lit in scarlet red, a second twentysomething runs touches a strand of her hair as she stands by a wall in the club.

Nathan, Siva, Jay, Max and Tom lay on lounge chairs on the beach. Lit in royal blue, they dance at a club. Nathan approaches a third twentysomething as she sits on the mountain. Tom talks to a fourth twentysomething woman as she leans against the column of a patio at night. She pulls him towards her. They play soccer with a few twentysomething woman on the beach.

At night, Siva watches people jump into the pool while he talks with a fifth twentysomething woman. Lit in cherry red, she sits on the bathroom counter as Siva holds onto her waist. Nathan, Siva, Jay, Max and Tom walk around the city at night. Back in scarlet red, they have a pillow fight with the twentysomething women. They sit on the floor, covered in silly string.

Several twentysomething women sleep on the floor. Max sits on the toilet, rubbing his eyes as a sixth twentysomething woman puts on her blouse. Jay sleeps on a float in the pool.

Rating: 4/5

Nathan tips his sunglasses as he stares at a twentysomething woman. Siva says he has to stop into the store for some clothes. As he tries on clothes in the fitting room, Max looks through the racks. Jay smiles at the second twentysomething at the cash register He walks up to her and tells her she’s beautiful. The second twentysomething woman grins and says he’s cute. He says one of their friends is having a party and she can come if she wants. The second twentysomething reads the address and tells him he’s in luck. She was already invited by someone else.

Max bites into his burger and says he couldn’t talk to the twentysomething woman at all. He kept mumbling. She was nice to him. But he won’t be with her at all. Nathan pats him on the back and tells him he has plenty of opportunities to practice. Max shakes his head and says he knows he doesn’t have much of a chance. Jay scoffs and tells him he’s putting too much thought into it.

Jay hands Max another drink. Max says he can’t. He might be sick. Jay shrugs and says he vomited by the bushes awhile ago. It’s no big deal. Max gulps it down and puts his arm around a third twentysomething woman. Siva holds the fourth twentysomething woman closer to him. She turns to him and says she thought the guy wasn’t going to make it. Siva says he seems to be okay now. The fourth twentysomething woman puts her hand on her heart and says she owes him a drink. Siva says he’ll go with her. She grins, telling him, “good idea.”

Director: Director X Year: 2011

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