Video Review: Bad Bunny & Rosalía “La Noche De Anoche”

Rosalía, wearing an off-the-shoulder dress, sits on some white stairs  Bad Bunny leans against the arch within the staircase and stares up at the tree. He sits on the bottom staircase, his body turned from her. As they stand by the tree, he touches her chin. Tiny flames spark in his fingers, His palm burns as he touches her face.

Her fingers lit up with flames as she leans in to kiss him. Their clothes burn as they continue to lean into one another. They kiss as it becomes dusk.

Rating: 4/5

Bad Bunny sees Rosalía as she talks with her friends at the club. It hurt to be away from her. They couldn’t be with each other. The right thing to do was keep his distance and hold in his feelings. Rosalía spots him and smiles. She knows not to wave. He walks into the market and leans against a box of oranges. Perhaps she’ll make an excuse to pass by. A glance is all he wants. It wouldn’t be enough. However, he’ll take the moments he can find.

Rosalía plucks petals from a flower and drops them as she walks down an imaginary aisle. She holds the stem in her hand and pricks her finger on the thorn. Her mother watches the blood drop on the floor and rushes her into the bathroom. It didn’t even sting.

Bad Bunny wanders around in the park. He carves her name into the bark of the tree. She’d know where to find him. Rosalía runs her hand along the curves of her name in the tree. Her hand singes from the burst of flame. Even the thought of him threatened her existence. He puts his hand over hers and kisses her. As she dissipates into ash, she reaches for him. He takes her lone finger before it crumbles.

Director: Stillz Year: 2021

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