Video Review: Jonas Brothers “Lovebug”

In black-and-white, a twentysomething woman (Camilla Belle) and Nathan (Josh Boswell) sit in the chairs in the banquet hall. Family and friends stand behind them. Nick, Joe and Kevin stand on stage. The photo sits in a frame on a table.

In color, an 8-year-old girl waves her hand in front of a seventysomething Nathan’s face as he sleeps on the couch. A second 8-year-old girl picks the 1938-1945 photo album off the shelf. The seventysomething woman smiles as she watches her grandchildren look through the photo album.

Back in black-and-white, the first photo is of a lighthouse. In color, the twentysomething man takes a picture of the twentysomething woman and Nathan on a boat. Nick walks around and hands out popcorn. Back in black-and-white, they see a photo of their grandparent’s first home.

In color, Joe walks out of the home. Nick carries a cardboard box inside. The twentysomething woman passes out bottles of beers to her friends. They sit on the couch and talk. Her boyfriend puts his head on her shoulder as they stand in the kitchen. The 8-year-old girls turn the page and see Nathan’s draft card.

Nathan sees the draft card lying on the counter and puts its behind his back as the twentysomething woman spins around in her dress. They dance at the banquet hall and watch Joe, Kevin and Nick perform on stage. She smiles and looks up as the confetti falls.

She ties her necklace to his belt and hugs him as he boards the ship. He sits on the beach and writes her a letter. Lit in scarlet red, he kisses the necklace as he sits in bed. Back at the banquet hall, they kiss. Back in black-and-white, she stands with Nathan on the beach.

Rating: 4.5/5

The 8-year-old girl walks up to the seventysomething woman and points to a photo. The 8-year-old girl asks her about the dance. The seventysomething woman says it’s when she knew Grandpa Nathan was the one for her. But he was going off to the war and they wanted to celebrate. She tells her 8-year-old daughter the banquet hall burned down a couple of years ago. However, she adds, she was there when she was a baby. The seventysomething woman searches the shelf for the 2000s photo albums.

The seventysomething woman flips through the photo album and shows the pictures from their 50th anniversary party. She says their friends Nick, Joe and Kevin performed again for them, too. The 8-year-old girl wants to know if they’ll perform at the next party. The seventysomething woman says she doesn’t know. Uncle Nick has been sick for a long time. Uncle Joe is in a nursing home and Uncle Kevin went to heaven.

Nathan coughs and the seventysomething woman says she has to get his medicine. The 8-year-old says she’ll get him water. The second 8-year-old girl asks Nathan to tell a story. The seventysomething woman hands him his pills and drinks his water. Nathan says Uncles Nick, Kevin and Joe were helping them move into their first home. The seventysomething woman grins and she knows the story. The second 8-year-old girl asks her what happens next. She says the 8-year-old girls their Grandpa Nate did something silly. As she listens to Nathan tell the story about hurting his leg, she smiles and puts her hand on his shoulder. The 8-year-old girls laugh, saying “Grandpa!” The seventysomething woman gives them a playful shrug. She was grateful for her family.

Director: Phillip Andelman Year: 2008

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