Video Review: David Bowie “Loving The Alien”

David Bowie trembles as he folds his hands in prayer. His charcoal face, within the stained glass, has an outline of his head inside. Kaleidoscope stained glass frames his body on both sides. Bowie walks past a creature with a wooden enclosure around his face.

Bowie, with a royal blue face, continues to shake by a stained glass window. Painted in sea green, a male creature reads the sheet music and throws the petals on his stand on the floor. Bowie dances between two metal structures as another male creature plays the guitar.

A hooded woman in a black robe turns Bowie’s head towards the mirror. The mirror folds onto itself. Lit in royal blue, he runs past the metal structures. Lit in wine red, he plays piano as it rises from underneath the floor. He continues to play by a fountain. In black-and-white, he fixes a button on a thirtysomething woman in a junkyard. They smile.

He sits on a crystal in a room and throws part of it at a painting. The frame falls down and the painting becomes a statue. He runs his hands in the water as he sits on top of it. While putting holy water in his hands, he sees his reflection in the bowl. He touches the hands of the hooded woman. She watches the smoke form a trail on her hands. Two creatures point their swords at each other. The hooded woman closes the doors of the confessional.

Bowie stands in a cave and holds a pointy arrow. His shield begins to burn. Back in black-and-white, the thirtysomething pulls off the money attached to her dress. Bowie, his face painted sea green, talks on the phone while he sits in bed inside a hospital. A second thirtysomething woman leans in to kiss him. In his mind, lasers shoot by his head.

Rating: 2.5/5

David Bowie clenches his teeth as the thirtysomething woman kisses him. The sensation was still unfamiliar to him. His initial reaction was to pierce her arms or eyes. She knew too much. However, she believed it was phase or breakdown. He scratches at her face and tells her it doesn’t come off. She puts her hand underneath his chin and tells him he’ll get better soon.

The priestess of his planet had determined he was impure. Her eyes had glowed a cherry red and walked away from him. He was no longer welcome. His body was acclimating to Earth. It was no use to beg. He sits in the church, transforming himself back to the alien form. The priestess had to know he hadn’t changed.

The thirtysomething woman visited him everyday. He had learned to calm the nurses and sometimes they snuck him candy. It had been rather simple. Humans were such silly and moldable creatures. He stands by the window and sees a star. The thirtysomething woman asks him to make a wish. He says he desires nothing. She asks him if he’d like to read. He answers “sure” and sits in bed. She sits on the chair next to the bed and turns a page.

 Director: N/A Year: 1985

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