Video Review: Summer Walker “Body”

In black-and-white, Summer Walker stands on the balcony of her home and stares at the mountains. She shields her eyes. In color, the blue waves of the ocean ripple. Back in black-and-white, she sits on the couch, In a split screen, the burning red sky and violet ocean is featured (left) while she continues to stand on the balcony in black-and-white (right).

Back in black-and-white, she sits on a chair outside. She lies in bed, staring out the window. In color, the blue waves lap on the other half of the balcony. Back in black-and-white, she touches her toes in her bedroom. In color, the blue waves rise to her window.

She stands on the cliff and walks on the beach. It switches back and forth between black-and-white and color. As the sun sets, she puts her head on her pregnant belly. Walking towards the ocean, she lets her blouse drop to her butt.

Rating: 3/5

Summer Walker puts her hand on her belly as she lies down on her bed. The baby was really active today. She finds a magazine and reads it aloud. While reading an article about makeup, she tells her baby they don’t need any tips right now. She hadn’t worn any blush or eyeshadow for almost a month. It didn’t bother her anymore.

Hands on her back, she walks to the bathroom. Her compacts sit on the counter. She had tried to be the glamorous pregnant woman. It was who she wanted to be. However, the fatigue had hit her harder than she intended. Her doctor recommended she get as much rest as possible. She had mentioned her frazzled appearance to him, apologizing for her unshaven legs. Her doctor told her it didn’t matter to her and started the ultrasound. She asked questions about her baby and the doctor went over the next series of steps.

She takes one her vitamins and loosens her belt. Her favorite pair of jeans no longer fit. She had to admit she liked her new shape. The bit of extra weight had filled out her body. She wasn’t rush to lose it anytime soon. While in bed, she reads over instructions for using the breast pump and shakes her head. She calls up her mom and asks her how she works it. Her mom says she’ll come over and help her with it. She bursts into tears and says she’s going to stain every blouse she has and she can’t do it. Her mom tells her she doesn’t have to solve it right now. Walker says she has to know. Her mom says she will and asks her to take a nap. She says “ok” and rests her head on the pillow.

Director: Lacey Duke Year: 2021

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