Video Review: B Young “Ride For Me”

B Young stares at the twigs on the forest floor. A twentysomething woman touches a twentysomething man’s tattooed head as he drives. He parks near the forest. As they stand by the trees, he kisses her temple. A second twentysomething man and woman hold hands as they sit by the windowsill in their bedroom.

Two twentysomething women kiss as they ride the escalator at the train station. They hold hands as they wait on the platform. A third twentysomething man and woman talk in a hallway of an apartment building. They take the elevator.

Young walks in the forest. The twentysomething man smokes a cigarette as twentysomething woman leans into him. The third twentysomething man and woman giggle as they stand on the sidewalk. The second twentysomething man and woman burst out laughing while lying in bed.

Rating: 3/5

The twentysomething man tells his girlfriend it’s a beautiful day. He says it’s good to get out. The twentysomething woman puts her hand on her forehead and says she forgot to put shrimp on the grocery list. She asks him to remind her once they get home. He types it into his phone and says it’s on the list.

The second twentysomething woman points to the wall and says she has a painting in storage she’d like to hang in that spot. He tells her it’s okay. She says it’s a Monet print and it’s been everywhere she lived. It makes each place feel like home to her. He tells her it’s her home now, too and she can hang any paintings as she wants. She smiles and puts her head on his shoulder.

The two twentysomething woman sit together in the seat. The first twentysomething woman says her mom is excited to meet her. The second twentysomething woman lets out a sigh of relief. The first twentysomething woman says her mom is not the type to grill. The second twentysomething woman says it’s important to make the right impression. The first twentysomething grins and just to be herself. Her mom will love her as she much does.

Director: The Director Ali Year: 2021

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