Video Review: Gina G “Ti Amo”

Gina G holds a fan in front of her face as she watches a twentysomething man dance. The twentysomething man twists his arms while a fire burns on the beach at night.

At home, she sits at her vanity. A second twentysomething man opens the door and taps on it. She stares him down and he closes the door. A third twentysomething man flips his newspaper as he watches them. She rides a horse in the forest. The second twentysomething man takes a piece of paper off her vanity. He and the third twentysomething man walk around in the forest.

Back at home, she stretches out in bed. She hops off the horse and walks around the twentysomething man’s backyard. She dances with him by the fire. He kisses her neck. A sixtysomething man leans his home and tosses food to his chickens. The two twentysomething man talk to him. She stands in the forest. The twentysomething man walks to her and embraces her.

She lies in bed, her fan by her head. The second twentysomething man opens the door and she gasps. He closes the door and she rests her head on the bed.

Rating: 3.5/5

Gina G practices her Spanish in her bedroom. As she applies her brush, she rewinds her cassette tape and listens to the various phrases. She and her husband had moved to Barcelona a couple of weeks ago. While her husband was fluent, she knew a few phrases. She checks her watch and realizes she was late to meet her tutor, a twentysomething man.

Her tutor teaches her a phrase and kisses her. She repeats it and holds his hand. He says they should go the café. She turns her head away and tells them her husband worked in the city. They could get caught. He tells her it may be for the best. She says she likes their private moments. He tells her she has to immerse herself. She kisses him and tells him she has getting to know the culture through him.

She pats her horse and gets on it. The twentysomething man leans against the wall, watching her as she rides off. The twentysomething man was an expat who had lived in Spain for about 5 years. He had helped her order a taco from a restaurant. He was an IT consultant and did some teaching on the side. She knew was a long line of his lovers. Rumors from other expats he had a couple of women. However, she liked to think of herself as his. She didn’t even care if she got caught by her husband. The twentysomething man made her feel loved and free.

Director: Matt Broadley Year: 1997

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