Video Review: Bobby Brown “Humpin’ Around”

Lit in Egyptian blue, Bobby Brown honks his horn at his friends on the sidewalk. He says hello to them and says, “imagine a stage with crazy hype dancers and girls in cages. We’re going to do that.”

On stage, a few young women dance in a cage. Back in Egyptian blue, Brown sings while multiple young women perform a dance routine behind him. The people in the audience clap. A twentysomething woman hangs up the telephone. People grab at Brown’s chest as he performs.

People hold umbrellas on the sidewalk as Brown dances in the street. The twentysomething woman talks to Brown in her home. He makes out with a second twentysomething woman in an elevator. The twentysomething tries to hack into his computer. He types “humpin” as his password as he sits at his desk. On stage, a woman puts her hand on his leg. He shakes hands with the young women in the front. Back at home, the twentysomething picks up a napkin with lipstick on it.

He and his friends on the sidewalk. A gun goes off and the geese fly away. He and one of his friends hang out in a stairwell. Back on stage, he feels a young woman’s butt as she does a headstand. He and some of the young women sit on the stage with him.

Rating: 3/5

The twentysomething woman puts on her sunglasses as she walks on the sidewalk. A second twentysomething woman walks beside her and says she has to tell her something. The twentysomething woman shakes her head and tells her she doesn’t have time. The second twentysomething woman says she’s pregnant by Bobby. The twentysomething woman takes out a business card out of her purse and hands it to her. She preferred for Brown’s lawyers to talk to her.

Brown writes a check to the second twentysomething woman. He remarks “three more to go.” The twentysomething woman mutters. “that you know about.” Brown shrugs and says she knows what she signed up for. She says she’d like for them to have a serious relationship and become a family. Brown scoffs and says she lives in his house, which is as close as monogamous as it gets.

The twentysomething woman dances to Brown’s music in her home. Her 2-year-old girl says, “It’s Daddy!” The twentysomething says, “yes, it’s Daddy.” She picks up her daughter and puts her in the high chair. The phone rings and she says it might be Daddy. However, it was Brown’s assistant asking if he could reschedule the call. She says yes and says if he’ll be coming over to see his child when he’s in town next week. His assistant says, “I’ll get back to you.” She hangs up the phone and gives a small smile to her daughter. She knew the lines. Brown wasn’t going to stop by. She takes out the concert tickets and thinks of selling them. Some of the other women would be there and she’d prefer to not have any contact with them at the moment. It was getting too hard.

Director: N/A Year: 1992

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