Video Review: Sam Fischer & Demi Lovato “What Other People Say”

At night, Demi Lovato glances out the window of the train as she sits in her seat. The fluorescent lights above her flicker as she walks by the poles. A twentysomething woman sits in her seat, staring at her. Sam Fischer watches the rain on the window as he sits with his hands folded on his lap. Lovato walks past Fischer.

A twentysomething man holds a bouquet of roses as he stands by the pole. Fischer walks down the aisle. Lit in fire engine red, they hold onto the poles as they stand by each other. A twentysomething man and woman reach for each other’s hands as they sit next to each other. Lovato and Fischer sing on top of the train. They stand at the door and smile at one another. They both step off the train.

Rating: 2/5

The twentysomething Black woman holds the hand of the twentysomething white man. He scoots in closer to her and puts his arm around her. She closes his eyes as he rubs her neck. He whispers to her his stop is coming up. She puts his hand on his chest and they can get something to eat. He moves her hand away and says his brother will be there. She stares at her hands and says she does remember him saying something about his brother living at his home. He tells her he just has to talk to his family first. She nods and says “okay.”

Demi Lovato thanks Sam Fischer for opening the door for her. Fischer says they live in the same area. Lovato answers, “yeah” as she looks around for the coffee shop. Fischer asks if she’d like a coffee. She tells him “no” and says she’ll see him sometime next week. Fischer waves to her. She mouths “oh my god” to herself and her friends didn’t see her with him. He was a nice guy. However, he was such a nerd.

Fischer walks to his group of his friends. His first friend says Lovato is such a snob. Fischer says he was just being polite. However, Lovato was really sweet. He liked talking to her on the train ride. It was his turn to bring a game. He taught her how to play Risk and Battleship. She often requested Risk. Sometimes, he’d get notification on his phone asking him to play a game with her. He’d take a break and they chat. If things were different, they hang outside of the train.

Director: Dano Cerny Year: 2021

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