Video Review: Luke Bryan “Down To One”

A thirtysomething man puts his hands around the waist of a thirtysomething woman as they stand in a field. Fuzz from the flowers blows by Luke Bryan as he walks in the field around sunset. Lit in midnight blue, the thirtysomething woman and man hold hands as they embrace in the moonlight. Bryan stands on the stars in the sky and walks on the mountain.

During the afternoon, the thirtysomething man and woman walk on the beach. Back in the moonlight, the thirtysomething man points to the sky. She rests her head on his shoulder. On the beach, she touches his beard. As he drives, she stands up in the passenger seat, raising her arms. She stares at him as he drives on the light snow.

Back in the moonlight, they park at the mountain and look at the sky. They cuddle while sitting at the campfire. She kisses him. They sit on top of his Jeep and talk.

Rating: 3/5

The thirtysomething woman places her hands in the thirtysomething man’s hand and says she’s had a great time. He turns to her and says he enjoyed himself, too as they walk. She points to a restaurant and says she had her first job there. It was a family restaurant at the time. He says his family used to eat there. She grins and says they may have met one another.

As he drives, he asks her if she’d like to go out with him again. She says “sure” and asks him she can get together sometime next week. He says he’d like to continue the date. Glancing at the time, he says they can catch a movie at the drive-in or just walk.

They grin at each other as they share a bowl of popcorn. He asks her if she’s thirsty. She says “yes.” As he walks to the concession stand, she texts her friend and says she thinks she’s in love. Her friend texts back, “on the fourth date!” She says they’ve spent all day together. He returns with her drink and she puts her phone away. She fills him in on what happened. He leans in to kiss her. She puts his hand on his chest. Cars honk as the credits roll. He asks her if she wants to see the stars. She nods and gives him a small smile.

Director: Michael Monaco Year: 2021

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