Video Review: Salt-N-Pepa “Let’s Talk About Sex”

An adult drops a “Talk Sex” book into a garbage can. Several people perform a dance routine against a black background. Salt, Pepa and Spinderella talk to one another against a black background. An 8-year-old boy takes the book out of the garbage can.

Against a white background, a hammer hits two sex education books on a table. A twentysomething man, his mouth and body taped, turns in his chair at his desk at the radio station. Two two twentysomething men and women stand by a car and talk on a sidewalk in the city. A 1-year-old girl plays in the crib. They dance against a white background.

Sitting at a construction, Salt, Pepa, and Spinderella catcall men. Salt talks on the radio. Pepa sits on a chair against the wall and gets felt up by several men’s hands. Against a white background, a twentysomething woman walks by several men and squeezes in between them for a seat. She puts puts her hands on their legs and arms around their shoulders.

Spinderella touches her breasts. A skeleton has a piece of tape around its mouth, which says “censored.” A sticker on its body says “AIDS.” Against a black background, Salt holds a cherry over her mouth. The twentysomething man licks a magazine.

Rating: 5/5

Salt discusses a friend of hers who passed away from HIV on the morning show. She explains a friend of hers had it and passed it on to his partner. He didn’t know until it was too late. The phones lit up at the station. A thirtysomething woman told her to keep her opinions to herself. A fortysomething man says he has a child listening to the show and she should be fired. Salt says she’s been reading misinformation about it and wanted to use her platform to educate people.

Salt sits at her desk and reads the newspaper. She circles an article about the latest fashion trend. It would make a good question for people to ask. Her intern asks her for help with voices for a sketch. She gives the interns tips and edits the script as they go over it. The intern tells her she learned a lot of her show. She had scare recently and is going to have another test. Salt exclaims, “yeah!” The intern says she should’ve been cut off. Salt says it was on her mind and she couldn’t not say anything.

As she drives to the grocery store, she listens to the morning show. The twentysomething woman laughs about what was on television the night before. The fortysomething man makes a snide comment about the storylines. The traffic reporter breaks in to let people know about an accident on the expressway. She switches it off as she makes turns left.

Director: Millicent Shelton Year: 1991

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