Video Review: Lil Tjay & 6lack “Calling My Phone”

An answering machine sits on a table. Against a black background, a twentysomething woman in white infrared, touches her body. Lil Tjay and 6lack walk on the street at night. Emerald green smoke filters through the air. A twentysomething woman stands by herself on the street. She embraces Lil Tjay.

She sits across Tjay at the table. The answering machine continues to sit in the middle. She taps her foot on the multiple cords on the floor. As he talks, a second version of the twentysomething woman walks behind him. She sits on his lap on another chair. The third version of themselves stand up as they argue.

She opens her eyes. Within her eye, Lil Tjay and 6lack sit on the steps by a building. 6lack stands in silhouette against the white background. Smoke covers him. Back at the table, the twentysomething woman looks at her phone. She and Lil Tjay both get up at the same time.

Rating: 3/5

Lil Tjay re-reads the text message on his phone. Is his girlfriend really saying she wants to get back together? He shows it to 6lack. 6lack tells him she’s being vague and tells him not to jump any conclusions. Lil Tjay tucks his phone in his pocket and says he’s just nothing.

6lack talks to a second twentysomething woman at a bar. Lil Tjay sips his drink and stares at a third twentysomething woman. The third twentysomething woman waves to him and sits next to him. She says he seems sad. Lil Tjay nods and says he and his girlfriend broke up. She turns to him and tells him perhaps it was meant to be. Lil Tjay checks her out and leans in for a kiss.

The third twentysomething woman asks the driver to drop them off. She takes his hand and says he can stay with her tonight. He tells the driver to stay and says he can’t do it. She says it’ll be fun and take his mind off of things. He shakes her hand and says he had a good time. While in the backseat, he types out a text message to his ex-girlfriend.

Director: Cam Busby Year: 2021

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