Video Review: Nu Shooz “I Can’t Wait”

Wrenches , a rotting banana and a voodoo doll fall onto a piece of metal. A doghouse sits in a family room with a “Danger High Voltage” sign on it. A drawer continues to open and closes while the dog, wearing sunglasses, sits in the middle of the room.

A hanger flies across Valerie’s desk. She sits at the desk and pulls the fish out the coffee pot. Lit in powder blue, she continues to sing between two sides of controls. She unrolls a cloth of various screwdrivers. The screen splits into three. In the center, lit in powder blue, she fixes the top of the coffee top while a horseshoe spins over her head.

In black-and-white, her dog looks at the lock as it swings back and forth as he sits inside the box. It passes by her as she works. She holds the coffee pot by her head. White lines outline it and turn inside it. As she opens a box, dozens of shapes fly out of it.

Rating: 1/5

Valerie searches in the mud room cabinet for the cardboard box of tools. She finds it in the back and carries it to the kitchen table. Her dog barks at her and she opens the screen door to let outside. She watches as her dog goes to the bathroom and walks by the corners.

Sitting down at the kitchen table, she spreads out the tools. It was her third fix. Her dog looks inside and she walks up to the screen door. He licks her hand as walks back inside. She pats his head as he sits by her at the table. Tipping over the coffee pot, she takes out the screws. The center part of the coffee pot falls apart. She puts her head on her hands.

She flips through the store’s circulars. One grocery store had it on sale for $20. An appliance store was selling it for $40. She tears out the page in the circular. However, she didn’t like spending the money. She walks down the basement stairs and finds the box on the table. A phone number was on the side for the manufacturer. The customer service representative apologizes and says they’ll mail out another coffee pot for her. She gives the representative her address and puts the coffee pot back in the machine. It’ll last for another week or two.

Director: Jim Blashfield Year: 1985

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