Video Review: Bea Miller “Fire N Gold”

Bea Miller sits cross-legged on her bed and looks at photos of some friends. She gets off the bed and runs her hand over the candles. As she walks around her bed, she sees her some of her friends behind her, standing in the dark. They dance by the wall. She lies on top of the photographs on her bed.

While she sits up in bed, it moves forward. Some of her friends stand on both sides of the bed. She and some of her friends dance in a club. A couple of friends stand by the wall and smile.

Rating: 3/5

Bea Miller looks over a photograph of an 18-year-old young woman. They were on a school field trip. The 18-year-old young woman had been her mentor freshman year of high school. The 18-year-old young woman, at the time, joked with her about their teachers. Miller had asked her about her boyfriend. The 18-year-old young woman said they broke up. They couldn’t agree on their future. She said she was willing to stay in state for him and applied to local schools. However, he got into an out-of-state college.

Miller compliments one of her friends on his artwork in his notebook. Her friend remarks he was just bored. She says he should be going to an art school. He says he plans to get a certificate in something and get a job as soon he can. She says she has an audition for a performing arts school coming up. Closing her textbook, she says has to transfer and hopes she can get in.

She hands in her test. Her English teacher tells her she’ll be missed. However, there’s no shame in returning in a couple of months. She forces a grin and tells him she has to clean out her locker. The 18-year-old young woman smirks at her as she walks by her. Miller looks at her shoes. She had heard the 18-year-old young woman had gotten back together with her boyfriend and was moving with him in the summer. Apparently, he had gotten a full ride and she was scrambling to enroll somewhere nearby. Miller shuts her locker and walks out of school.

Director: Black Coffee Year: 2015

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