Video Review: Myke Towers & Juhn “Bandido”

In black-and-white, two 17-year-old young men ride their skateboard by a sculpture in the city. Myke Towers and Juhn sit on top of a ramp at a skate park. Lit in scarlet, a twentysomething woman lights up a cigarette as she sits in her room. She texts on her phone.

Back in black-and-white, several twentysomething men sit on benches together in the city. In scarlet red, the twentysomething woman argues with a twentysomething man. Juhn stands in the center of the ramp. She and the twentysomething man get some pizza. They talk as they sit across from each other  at a table. In black-and-white, Juhn hangs off  the bowl.

Lit in scarlet red, the twentysomething woman puts her fingers in her ears as the twentysomething man talks to her. She holds a burning bouquet of roses. In color, Towers hangs his head out the window as a friend drives it through the city at night. In black-and-white, several twentysomething wear ski masks as they stand in the city.

The twentysomething woman and man roller skate in the park at night. Lit in royal blue, they smile at each other while they sit on the edge of the bowl. Back in scarlet red, she sits on the grass, her hands on her head. She pushes the twentysomething man away from her. Towers and Juhn continue to hang out in the bowl at the skate park.

Rating: 3/5

The twentysomething woman cheers on the twentysomething man as he leaps over a ramp on his skateboard. She turns to Myke Towers and Juhn, exclaiming “wow!” Towers nods and says it should be a high score. She asks him if he’s going to be competing, too. He says he’s up in the next round. She tells him “good luck.”

At the ramp, Juhn shakes his head as the twentysomething man touches a second twentysomething woman’s chin and kisses her. Towers heaves a sigh and shrugs, “she has to know.” Juhn says she might be looking the other way. Towers takes a picture. The twentysomething man looks up and gives him the finger. He approaches him and grabs his phone. Towers pats him on the shoulder and tells him “great score!” The twentysomething man glares at him, walking away.

The twentysomething woman congratulates him for qualifying for nationals. She says it’s going to be a long two months as he promotes his own skateboard. Towers comments, “that’s crazy!” She says she’s proud of him but he won’t stop talking about it. Rolling her eyes, she says he’s just a star and it’s something she has to accept. Towers tells her it doesn’t have to be like that. She tells him she’s going to try to catch up with the twentysomething man and then pauses. Towers, Juhn and the twentysomething woman watch as he makes out with the second twentysomething. She tells them she’ll talk to the twentysomething later and walks away.

Director: Squid Year: 2021

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