Video Review: Rod Stewart “My Heart Can’t Tell You No”

Rod Stewart sits on a chair, staring on the floor. A thirtysomething woman wakes up and sees Stewart on television. Sitting up close, she watches Stewart lift up his head. Within the television, Stewart, lit in powder blue, frowns. She turns her head to see him as she stands by a building.

In black-and-white, the thirtysomething woman dances on a pole. Stewart walks up to her. A thirtysomething man kisses her as Stewart sings into a microphone on television. She and the thirtysomething man sleep together in bed. Against a large moon background, Stewart talks on the phone. She listens to him. The thirtysomething man grabs it out her hand and listens as Stewart. She walks up to the television and puts her hand on the screen as Stewart reaches out.

The thirtysomething man puts his hand on her shoulder and she wraps her arms around him. Stewart sings on three screens on a building. The thirtysomething man chases after her as she walks out of the bar. She pulls him away and then kisses him against the wall. The thirtysomething man dives into the pool and swims. She sits at the edge of the pool and kisses him.

In the family room, Stewart peeks through the blinds on television. Back in black-and-white, he pours a drink at the bar. She throws the vase of roses onto the floor. Stewart sits in the chair. She stands up, her back facing him and puts her arms around the thirtysomething man as he sits at the kitchen table.

Rating: 4/5

The thirtysomething woman kisses Rod Stewart on the cheek and tells him the roses are lovely. As she walks to the counter, she asks if he wants anything to drink. He tells her he’ll take a whiskey if she has it. The thirtysomething woman says there isn’t any liquor in the house. Stewart exclaims, “really?” Nodding, she says she hasn’t had a drink since the thirtysomething man moved in. She says they poured it down the drain. He tells her he’ll have some water. She sits next to him and says she misses him. He says she should come back part-time. She shakes her head and she’s thought about it. However, she’s settled now with the thirtysomething man. He leans in to kiss her and she pulls away. She says it’s not like that anymore.

The thirtysomething man tosses his suit jacket on the chair and says a blue car has been sitting across the street every day. The thirtysomething woman says it could be a new neighbor. The thirtysomething man says someone is watching the house. Stewart peeks out from under a bush and crawls to a window. He looks through the window and watches them as they dance in the family room.

Stewart bumps into her on the sidewalk. She says it’s a surprise seeing him. He says he had to run some errands. She says she can’t really talk and walks into the office building. Stewart sneaks into the building with one of her co-workers. He glances into the large glass window of her office. The receptionist opens the door and asks if he needs anything. He tells her he just got lost and says he’s going to take the stairs.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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