Video Review: Rudimental, Morgan & Tike “Be The One”

Morgan sits on her car as the lights flash in the warehouse. She and Tike sit on a couch and dance in their seats. Tike wanders around the warehouse. He sits on a lounge chair. They stand, facing each other. He dances by the car as she sits inside.

Morgan holds the phone and lets it hang from the ceiling. Several young men perform a dance routine. Morgan and Tike talk as they sit across from one another at a table. They continue to sit on the couch.

Rating: 2/5

Tike laughs as he watches a sitcom on the tube television. Morgan says she’s surprised it even works. Tike says it’s just for style. He turns off the sitcom and returns to the home screen. She wraps a blanket around her and says to wake her once the representatives from the dealership arrive.

Tike moves up the door and shakes the representative’s hand. The representative says they have the cars. Tike excuses himself and taps Morgan on the shoulder. Morgan runs a brush through her hair and grabs her toothbrush. Tike tells the representatives Morgan will be with them in a moment. He rushes to the bathroom and tells the representatives are there. She gives him a playful punch on the shoulder and spits out the toothpaste. Wiping off her mouth, she says she’s ready.

Morgan walks around with the representatives and suggests where the cars could go. The representative says they’ll have move the television. She nods and says it’s an easy fix. Tike puts on his jacket and says he’ll be back by 4 p.m. Morgan tells him to not to forget to check in with the catering company. One of the representatives asks her what time she got there. She explains she just slept over. The representative says it’s going to be a long few days. She says but they are going to sell some cars.

Director: Chirolles Khalil Year: 2021

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