Video Review: Alannah Myles “Lover Of Mine”

Lit in royal blue, Alannah Myles dances on the sand in County Clare, Ireland. She sits in a field and picks her nails. The wind blows as she runs her hand through her hair. She runs on the beach and sits on a rock.

The waves crash to the shore. She stands on a rock in The Burren. Holding an umbrella, she continues to walk on the field. She stands on the mountain and watches the ocean.

Rating: 2/5

Alannah Myles pulls her cardigan close to her. It was cooler outside than she expected. She walks on the shore while the evening falls. Her crush had been talking with a thirtysomething woman in the bed and breakfast. He hadn’t brushed the thirtysomething woman’s hand from his arm. She had told him she needed some air and decided to take a walk.

They were free to be with whomever they like. However, they spent some time with each other a few weekends a month. Last night, he told her she was beautiful as they slept together. It was what he usually said. She shivers in her cardigan and turns her head to see if he was behind her. Other than a twentysomething man and woman holding hands as they walked on the beach, she was by herself.

She walks back into the bed and breakfast. He asks her if she wants to join in on a card game with the thirtysomething woman. She tells him she’s tired and wants to go to bed early. Her hand on the railing, she pauses on the stairs and listens as the thirtysomething woman and her crush laugh.

Director: Deborah Samuel Year: 1990

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