Video Review: Pooh Shiesty & Big 30 “Neighbors”

A twentysomething man, his sister Kara, and their fortysomething mom carry cardboard boxes out of the moving van and into the home. Pooh Shiesty peeks through the blinds and watches the fortysomething man stand on the lawn, staring at his house.

The twentysomething man, Kara, the fortysomething mom and dad sit at the kitchen table. The fortysomething woman talks to her family. Two American flags in a vase by her plate. The twentysomething man shouts to her, “Dammit! Mom, shut the fuck up!” leaves the table. Shiesty, wearing a canary yellow bathrobe, sits his coffee as he stands on his welcome mat. He holds some money to his ear as he walks on the driveway. Kara stares at Shiesty as she takes a groceries out of the trunk of the car. He leans against his mailbox and smiles at her. Kara smiles back.

A thirtysomething woman, wearing a maid’s uniform, cleans the mirror in the bathroom as Shiesty stands by the sink. The fortysomething mom yells at Kara. Shiesty opens his mailbox. A mini Shiesty dances on a magazine inside. Shiesty and his friends play cards in the family room. Lit in royal blue, the fortysomething mom and dad peek through the blinds. The fortysomething mom talks on the phone. Shiesty smokes a joint as he sits on the couch.

The police walk through the door of Shiesty’s home and he asks them, “think you can beat me at spades?” The police officers shrug and sit by the coffee table. The twentysomething man and Kara climb out the window and walk into Shiesty’s home. The twentysomething man sits next to Shiesty and smokes a joint. A spade is tossed on the table. Shiesty raps within it.

Shiesty stands in a room, nodding his head. He turns on the lightbulb on the ceiling. The twentysomething man, Kara, the fortysomething mom and dad also nod their heads. Back in royal blue, the fortysomething man and woman shake their heads. They walk into Shiesty’s house and catch their children by the stairs. The fortysomething dad yells, “get your ass over here! We’re leaving.” The moving van drives away.

Rating: 3/5

Kara coughs as she smokes a joint. She hands it back to Pooh Shiesty. Shiesty tells her she’ll get used to it. Kara whispers she shouldn’t be here. Her parents are so racist. She tells him to be careful around them. Shiesty asks her what she thinks. Kara says systemic racism is ingrained in society and her parents are part of the problem. She wanted to protest last summer but none of her friends wanted her to go. Shiesty smiles at her and says he’ll get her something to eat. She says she’s not hungry. Shiesty laughs and says she’s cute.

Shiesty rolls his trash can the curb. The fortysomething mom asks him what’s he doing. He clears his throat and tells her he wants to take out the garbage before dark. She tells him not to get any closer. Shiesty steps back, his hands raised. She calls the police on the phone and says her neighbor is bothering her. Shiesty takes out his phone and films the conversation. She screams she has him on video, too. Shiesty stands on the lawn as he waits for the police.

Kara says she’s going to miss living across the street by him. Shiesty says they’ll talk online and she can come over if she wants. She says she’s going to get her own apartment with some friends. However, it’s not certain yet. She has to save money for rent. He says he’ll be able visit her. She says they didn’t expect him to sue. Her dad lost his job and her mom is a pariah. No one will invite her family to their social functions. She says they’d seen the other videos and they thought it wouldn’t happen to them. Shiesty gives her a hug and tells her to keep an eye on her brother. She says she will and walks out the door.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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