Video Review: Amerie “Talkin’ To Me”

Amerie lies in bed and pulls the sheet closer to her. Her dog sits beside her. She sits up in bed and puts her hands over her knees. A twentysomething man hails a taxi. The driver ignores him and he throws up his hands. She stands on the balcony of her apartment.

As she walks on the sidewalk, a 10-year-old boy does a headstand. Two twentysomething men stare at her as she passes by them. She and the twentysomething men both get inside the taxi. He gets out of the backseat and waits for another taxi. In the cab, she stares at him while he stands in the street.

A twentysomething woman paints her nails at Amerie’s apartment. Amerie puts on her boots. A second twentysomething woman brushes her hair. She and the twentysomething women talk at the bar. The twentysomething man locks eyes with her. Lit in midnight blue, she dances with her friends. He walks up to her and they dance together. She writes her name and phone number on his hand in the parking lot. He watches her get in the car with her friends.

Rating: 4/5

Amerie stirs the spaghetti sauce in the pot. The ringtone on her phone plays and she turns to look at the number. It wasn’t one she knew. She opens her phone and says, “hello.” A woman tells a man named Shawn to show up for his shift. She tells the woman, “wrong number.” The woman apologizes. She closes her phone. Moving the pot off the stove and onto the trivet, she reminds herself it’s been two days. She has to be patient.

Her sister says her boyfriend wants to go mountain biking and she doesn’t know what’s gotten into him as they walk Amerie’s dog.  Amerie glances at her phone. Her sister says she’s distracted. Amerie says she met a sweet guy at the bar and was hoping he’d call. Her sister asks her how many days it’s been. Amerie says it’s been three days. Her sister says to give him a bit more time.

Amerie takes notes in class. Her phone vibrates in her pocket and she checks it. She walks out of the classroom and into the hallway. The twentysomething man introduces himself and says he’s from the bar. She smiles and says she remembers him. He asks her if she can talk. She says she’s in class right now but she’ll able to in about a hour. He gives her his number and says it’s fine. She closes her phone and walks back into class.

Directors: Amerie & Chris Robinson Year: 2005

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