Video Review: Jordan Davis “Almost Maybes”

Lit in royal blue, Jordan Davis talks with a twentysomething woman at Bogie’s. A second twentysomething smiles as she walks with a twentysomething into Jackie’s Lounge. The twentysomething woman shows Davis pictures on her phone. She throws her phone at him and walks away. The second twentysomething woman picks a song on the jukebox and dances by it.

A third twentysomething woman fixes her hair as she sits in Davis’ car in the forest. He takes her hand as they walk. She tells him goodbye. The second twentysomething woman stands at the counter and tries to get the twentysomething man to dance with her. He continues to drink from his glass as she brushes a strand of hair behind her ear.

Wearing pajamas, the second twentysomething woman sits on the couch with a second twentysomething man in their home. Davis sits at the kitchen table with the fourth twentysomething woman and his parents. The second twentysomething man eats chips and watches television as she talks to him. The third twentysomething man introduces the second twentysomething woman to his parents.

Lit in hot pink, Davis sits on the bed in the hotel. He taps the fourth twentysomething’s foot as she sits on the bed, staring at her phone. The second twentysomething steps away from the third twentysomething man. She clinks her wine glass as she sits with a fifth twentysomething man at a table in a restaurant. He opens a jewelry box. The fourth twentysomething woman waves to Davis from the window and asks to be let back inside to the hotel room. Davis and the second twentysomething woman talk on a park bench. They dance.

Rating: 2.5/5

The second twentysomething woman gives the second twentysomething man a check for the rent. As he talks on the phone, he gestures for her to put it on the table. She wanted him to see it this time. Last month, he accused her of using him as a meal ticket. He had a decent desk job. However, he still was making just a little over minimum wage. She took extra shifts at her retail job and scrambled to find the money after tuition, books and paying her half for sports game (which she didn’t care for). While she sits on the couch, she thinks of her friends, who she hasn’t hung out with in a couple of months. She stares at her phone, tapping their numbers. It would be good to talk to them.

She explains to the third twentysomething man she moved in too quickly with the second twentysomething man. He tells her he won’t pressure her and says it’s a step they’ll take together. She says his mom just texted her. He smiles and says his mom thinks of her as family. She forces a smile. He was such a great guy. But she didn’t love him. She wanted to. The feeling may come, though. Love doesn’t have to be right away.

Jordan Davis points to the skyscraper and says he works on the fifth floor. She asks him what he does. He says he’s in advertising. She leans in closer, exclaiming, “wow!” He explains he copywrites the ads and she may have seen some of them. Their clients are mostly local. She had expected him to have an ego. However, he was down-to-earth. He asks her if she’d like to dance in the park. She says “sure” and grins as he twirls her around. He may be the one.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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