Video Review: Colbie Caillat “I Do”

A breeze blows through the bedroom window. The alarm clock ticks as it approaches 10:10 a.m. Colbie Caillat rests her arms on the pillow as she sits up in bed. A rose sits in a vase on a table. In bed, a twentysomething man runs his finger along her hand as they lay next to each other.

She dances against a charcoal background. Her dog jumps onto the couch and she talks to it. Back in bed, she touches the twentysomething man’s chest. The dice form a smile on the checker board. She pours herself a cup of coffee while the tea kettle steams on the stove. Holding her fork, she stares at her plate of eggs and bacon as she sits at the counter.

She flips through Glam magazine as she eats. The twentysomething man cuddles with her in bed. She plays the guitar as she sits on the couch. Moving the curtain, she looks out the window of her apartment. A framed photo sits on the ledge. She grabs her clutch and walks away.

Rating: 2.5/5

Colbie Caillat hangs up the Live Love Laugh plaque on the family room wall. She had seen it while she was at Target. It was on sale and put in her full cart. Silly her. She had only went to the store for some makeup and ended getting groceries, a flowy, full-length skirt and some socks for her boyfriend.

Back at home, she takes out the marinated chicken for dinner. She was on the Mediterranean diet and was trying to lose a smidge of weight. Her boyfriend had told her she looked beautiful. However, he was her first serious relationship in awhile and she put on a couple pounds. But it was a cheat day. She takes a bite out of the champagne cupcakes she made yesterday. Her phone rings and she confirms her Botox appointment.

Her boyfriend kisses her on the cheek as he walks into her apartment. She gasps as she turns a page in Lauren Conrad’s “L.A. Candy” book. Her boyfriend sits next to her and says he thought she finished the book. She says it’s for her book club and says she sympathizes with Jane. If she were famous, she’d make sure her friends were truly real and she’d date people she grew up with. Her boyfriend says she’s cute and kisses her neck. She laughs and puts her bookmark in the page. He puts the book on the table and she says he’s so bad. He lays on top of her and says that’s why she likes him. She places her hands his shoulders as he continues to kiss her.

Director: Ethan Leder Year: 2011

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