Video Review: Jason Derulo & Adam Levine “Lifestyle”

Two twentysomething woman, painted in caduceus gold, writhe on coins. Two other twentysomething woman touch each other’s cheeks as they stand in a red laser lit hallway. A person throws Jason Derulo a hat. Two caduceus gold statues and a matching curtain, stand behind him. He and several young men perform a dance routine. Two other twentysomething women lean against two gold chairs.

Wearing a gold ruffle around his neck, he sits on a matching chair and watches as several young women perform a dance routine. One of the women, painted in caduceus gold, crawls on the coins. The women painted in gold touch their bodies. Several twentysomething woman lean against the red laser lit hallway and move their arms. They pour him a drink while he sits in a chair. Back in the red laser lit hallway, he walks in the center as the women wave their arms towards him.  Back the caduceus gold statues and matching curtain room, he continues to dance with some of the women and men.

Rating: 0/5

Jason Derulo talks with his broker and decides to sell his stock. He made enough money off it – for now. His accountant emails some information about a new tax loophole they could exploit. Derulo orders some horses online. It could be entertainment for the women he invites over. They could keep themselves busy during his personal time.

Emperors and kings had gold built into their castles. He was a king of entertainment. His home had to reflect it his newfound stature. Each wall and ceiling was lined with gold. The interior designer had gently suggested another color to offset. He fired her. She was hired to carry out his design, not offer her opinion. The second interior designer explains the gold would take weeks to import. She can’t get it within a week. He shouts that she’s useless and tells her to make it happen.

His wife saunters by him, wearing a designer gown. He smiles at her. She was rather pretty. However, she had been stunning a couple years of before. She was hitting 30 years old and letting herself go. He asks her what’s she doing in the family room. She stumbles as she walks and points at him, saying she knows about the 19-year-old from the club. He shrugs and says at least she’s not a drunk. She slurs that she almost gave him a kid and wrecked her body. Turning the second interior designer, she slurs that he’ll lie to her, too and scam her. He presses a button on his phone and alerts the maid to handle his wife. The maid takes her by the hand and tells her she’ll get her some water. He slides next to the second interior designer and cups her chin in her hands. She gazes at him as he promises that he could give her everything.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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