Video Review: Chloe x Halle “Ungodly Hour”

Wires spark in the midnight lit blue-lit lab. A tank steams. Halle lies on the platform. Chloe and Halle, both wearing a Venus Prototype latex bodysuit, dance by the servers. Lit in aqua blue, they continue to dance in Yousef Al Jasmi dresses.

Wearing D.Bleu.Dazzled neutral bodysuits, they tread water in a pool. Two young men join them on the platform by the servers. Chloe, wearing an Object & Dawn headpiece and a Delia Alleyne bodysuit, dances against a metallic royal blue curtain. In TLZ L’FEMME crop tops and cut-out pants, they continue to dance with several young women against a midnight blue background. Halle, wearing a Laurel DeWitt headpiece, Norma Kamali jacket and Sterling King bra, moves her arms. Two young men assist in holding her headpiece.

Lit in hazy scarlet red, Chloe and Halle dance, wearing a second pair of TLZ L’FEMME crop tops and pants, stand back-to-back. Chloe arms multiply as she moves them over her head and back to her waist. Lit in aqua, they put their hands by their sides as they stand in their dresses.

Rating: 3.5/5

Chloe and Halle stand still as the computer reads their bodies and minds. The computer beeps, saying there was an error. They move their bodies slowly. The computer determines they are a pair and orders them an identical wardrobe. It provides them directions to their new home and advises them of the places they are allowed to work.

Chloe corrects her co-worker and says they have her mixed up with her sister. Her co-worker says headquarters sent over the information and she should talk to them. On her break, she presses a touch screen and talks face-to-face with tech support. She says her memory card is giving out the wrong information. The customer service agent takes a picture of her and says she should be okay now. He says he sent over the information to her employer.

Halle asks for a menu at the diner. The server reads out her choices. Halle handwaves the choices and tells the server she has to change her profile. She types in some new meals. After mainly eating grilled chicken and some version of fish, she had to try something different. The server notes it takes 24 hours for it to take effect. She says she’ll take the grilled chicken. Chloe sits down beside her. The server scans her and says, “spaghetti?” Chloe answers, “yes.” She continues to say to Halle that work screwed up and tells her she may have some extra money in her account. Halle tells her she’ll check for it. Placing her hands on the table, she says she wants to delete her profile. Chloe shakes her head and says they can’t do anything for three years. Halle exclaims, “what?” Chloe says she just found out today. The server brings their meals.

Director: Alfred Marroquín Year: 2021

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