Video Review: Crowded House “Don’t Dream It’s Over”

As Neil plays the guitar on his bed, the window opens and a plate breaks apart. Written in cursive, a message reads Osborne Street-1986. Scrapbooks lie on his bed as he stands up. Paper flies as he opens the door to 78 Teasdale St, Xmas ’58. A drink sits on a table. Tim looks through the scrapbooks and watches the film on the projector. A film reel spins by Neil.

In 1965, Neil looks through a book as he stands in an apartment. A corndog flies across the screen. Paul vacuums the carpet as Neil takes things out the cardboard boxes. He continues to play in The Study. Nick peers through a telescope as he sits at the desk. Mitchell plays the keyboards in The Mission Room, as noted on the screen. A statue of the Virgin Mary sits in the center of the room. Neil shakes hands with Paul.

A half-eaten piece of toast and cereal sit on a table in the Dream Kitchen. Nick plays the guitar at the kitchen table. Mitchell irons his shirt. Nick clears the table. Neil plays in The Crowded House, which is the garage. Nick, Mitchell, Paul and Tim play their instruments. Neil whispers in Paul’s ear and walks out into the field.

Rating: 3/5

Neil walks in the field during his dream. He walks over the mountain and it changes into the 1950s. A twentysomething woman, wearing a poodle skirt, blushes as she sees him. Neil asks her for her hand in marriage. She answers “yes.” He smiles and says it’s seems as though they’d known each other for several lifetimes.

In the 90s, his wife, wearing a babydoll dress listens to his phone messages over and over. From the window, he tells her he’s not far and to glance his way. However, she does not see him. He bangs on the window and smashes it. His wife screams and grabs a knife, telling him to get out. She had no idea who he was. Neil raises his hands and tells her it’s okay and says he’s leaving.

Back in the 80s, his wife kisses him and says they have a mutual friend’s party to attend. She says she got the birthday gift. Neil says he’ll get the card. As he walks into the store, it changes into the 2000s. Hands on her hips, she asks him what he’s doing and he’s gone too far. She doesn’t know if she can reach him. Neil opens his eyes and touches his wife’s arm as she sleeps beside him.

Director: Alex Proyas Year: 1986

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