Video Review: Ava Max “My Head & My Heart”

Wearing a black leather jacket, bra top, hat and pants, she and her friends walk on the sidewalk at night in the city. Lit in aqua, she walks into the club. She smiles as she stands against a black background. A twentysomething man puts his face on her shoulder as she sits with several people on a bench. A second twentysomething man gazes at her. Back in aqua, she and her friends dance by the bench.

As she sits on the bench, she touches her Sketchers. She runs her hand along a column. She and a third twentysomething man circle one another. Back on the bench, she slaps her butt as her friends continue to dance. She pushes the third twentysomething man against the wall and grinds against him. She stands against the wall as he touches her body. He kisses her neck. She shoves him off her.

Lit in carmine red, she and her friends perform a routine on the dancefloor. She stands against a screen, which her features her face in multiple boxes. Wearing a red bra top and pants, she and her friends perform a dance underneath a chandelier. Back on the bench, she sticks out her tongue and kicks her leg. Her friends film her as she sits on the stairs. She pulls at the second twentysomething man’s straps of his tank top.

Rating: 2/5

Ava Max closes her eyes as twentysomething man puts his face in her neck. She hadn’t seen the twentysomething man in a year. They had kept in contact by text. She had tried to get him to come out to the bars with her. However, he said he didn’t want to get sick and told her they’ll hang out once it’s okay again. She received a message from him two weeks ago, “Fully vaccinated! Let’s go!”

Her friends greeted him and bought him several drinks. She stares at the second twentysomething man as he walks by the columns. He seemed to be an executive of some sort. She asks him his name and asks him to join her friends. He says he can’t stay long. She tells him not to be scared. He says it’s okay over the column. She shrugs and rolls her eyes. He was handsome but really uptight. What was he even doing there?

A third twentysomething man approaches her and stares her down. He whispers, “I want you right now.” They make out against the wall. He tells her she has a great body. She grips his hand as he pulls at her pants. He sneers at her, calling her a tease. She tells him to get away from her and walks back to the bench with her friends. While dancing with them, she looks around for the second twentysomething man.

Directors: Cham La’Donna and Emil Nava Year: 2021

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