Video Review: Londonbeat “I’ve Been Thinking About You”

A twentysomething woman, wearing a royal blue crop top, spins by the window. Against a black background, some young women, wearing striped tops and black tops, spin. Lit in hot pink, Jimmy Helms moves his arm in silhouette. In black-and-white, Helms, Jimmy Chambers, George and William dance in a studio.

Lit in cobalt, three young women cross their arms during the routine. Helms, Chambers, George and William perform against a white background. Lit in lime green, a second twentysomething woman pirouettes by a brick wall in the studio. Two twentysomething woman sit next to each other. Wearing a black, embellished t-shirt dress, a twentysomething woman smiles as she turns. A third twentysomething woman sits on a mat. Jimmy puts his thumbs to his lips as he stands.

Rating: 3/5

The twentysomething, wearing a black, embellished t-shirt dress, practices part of the routine before class. The second twentysomething woman stretches and puts her hands on her feet. The twentysomething woman fumbles a turn. The second twentysomething woman demonstrates it for her and offers her some tips. They go it over again. She perfects the turn and tells her “thank you.”

A fortysomething woman stands in the center of the room and says hello to everyone. The twentysomething women say hello to her. The fortysomething woman says they are going to run through the routine to the music. A third twentysomething woman raises her hand and says she’s been having problems with the turn at the beginning. The twentysomething says she had the same issue, too. The fortysomething woman says they’ll concentrate on that section for the day.

The twentysomething woman taps her foot as she listens to the band practicing upstairs. A fourth twentysomething says they’ve gotten really good. The twentysomething woman hears they got a record contract. The third twentysomething woman says she has got an audition for a ballet company. The twentysomething woman tells her “good luck.” The third twentysomething woman says she’s hoping for a callback at this point. The twentysomething woman comments she’s dancing for fun now. The fourth twentysomething woman nods and says she’ll see her next week.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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